Has eMail Changed Forever?

I can clearly remember my first computer back in 1995. To access the Internet I had to use a 14.4 modem that was dial up. My parents purchased 20 hours a month for $30. With the 20 hours of Internet I received email through a local email server. At the time, it was the only thing available in my area. This was a time when we were still getting AOL CDs in the mail. My mother ended up signing up for the AOL email but I stated with my grove.net account. At the time, all I could do was send and receive email within the program they forced me to download. If you were on the Internet at this time you remember having to install programs with 10 or 15 floppy disks. Ahh, the good old days. The biggest problem with installing these email programs was they drastically slowed your computer down because the program was designed to check email at all times but the computer was not always connected to the Internet. Oh, how the times have changed in the last few decades. Now email is everything to everybody. I have friends that can do all of their social media interactions through their email without every leaving within the browser. This is not something I do but I know it is possible. It is also possible to compose and print almost every document needed from email. I guess we can say that is a little bit different than back in the day when all I could do was send an email message through my grove.net account.

EMail Has Almost Everything TodayPicture of email

A few weeks ago someone asked me to explain how to start a Google Hangout through email. They did not want to sign up for Google+ and they had no desire to stream live through YouTube with Hangouts on Air. This was the first individual that had asked me this type of question. I had to step back and think about it. I am an individual that uses email only when 100% necessary. In fact, I get way too much junk email to make it any bit enjoyable. I fully admit this is my fault but it is hard to clean up the issue. Not too long ago I tried to unsubscribe to many email lists and I still get 10 or 15 junk messages a day. I cannot start a new email as my Gmail account is linked to my Google+ profile which has built quite the reputation. I am grandfathered into this email account as I have had it since Gmail was in Beta. Over the course of the last decade I have seen things change quite a bit just within Gmail.

My friend that asked me to start a hangout within GMail was an individual that sits in his email all day. He composes all of his work documents in GMail and he shoots messages back and forth at a rapid pace. His interactions in email remind me of my interactions on Google+. I guess it is just different strokes for different folks. As I started to help him with the hangout process I realized just how easy it was to start a live video conference chat from an email account. Can you imagine this ten years ago? Heck, can you imagine it five years ago? If you wanted to do a live video or audio chat just a few years ago you had to download a Skype program that may or may not work with your computer. There are still millions of people using Skype but with live video chat available through email it is all in due time before it starts to fade in popularity. I would imagine we are already starting to see the interest in Skype decline. They have a deal with Facebook, but most of you know what I think about Facebook. If you don't, let's just say that I feel as if Facebook peaked about a year ago and it is all downhill from here.

Now that video conferencing is available through email what is next? Search? Well, that is already available within the email so it makes sense that Google and Microsoft would throw a search bar in the email client. We are already seeing ads and YouTube videos pushed through email. It seems like a clean transition to allow users to do absolutely everything within email. Google has gotten to the point that they are trying to be everything to everyone when it comes to using the Internet. I am not sure if this is good or bad but they have done an amazing job so far. They have done such a good job of rolling out these new features that they are still considered one of the best and most trusted companies on the Internet. Most of the time, when a company starts to roll out new features the users get frustrated. Somehow Google has the ability to roll out these features without a ton of backlash.

As we continue to progress towards 2014 it will be interesting to see how Google, Microsoft and Apple expand their email services. When I was in college I was limited to a email client that was very limited. This service frustrated many college students because we couldn't even search for old email messages. It is safe to say that worry is gone. Gmail is part of many people's lives and I think many of us agree that it would be very difficult to live without it. Email has definitely changed forever as Google sees the value in the data. I have many friends and family members that are still worried about Google tracking all their data but there is very little they can do at this point. Either you trust Google with your data and you carry on or you don't trust Google with your data and you live a life that has very little Internet interaction. Well, no Internet interaction.





Like all technologies email continues to evolve all the time pushed by companies like Google and to a lesser extent, Apple, while Microsoft seems to be evolving into just a follower instead of a leader or a pusher. 10 years from now we probably won't remember or recognize what was once "email".

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