Has Online Video Content Changed Pay Per View?

Tonight is one of the largest pay per view events in recent history as Floyd Mayweather is going to fight Canelo Alverez to unify title belts in the sport of boxing. Today happens to be the Mexican Independence Day so it works out perfect that this should be one of the mot popular sporting events of the month and possibly even the year. Earlier today I was thinking about buying the pay per view fight to watch on my HD TV but I could not justify paying $75 to watch an event that I really had no vested interest. I have many friends that are huge boxing fans but they did not want to come over. In a previous life I was a huge UFC fan and I would pay $10 or $20 as part of a package with my buddies to buy some of the bigger fights. This would usually only happen a few times a year. This was during a time when YouTube and UStream were not offering live pay per view options on a computer, tablet or smartphone. Now that the Internet is high speed in most parts of the country people are watching much more pay per view on their computer rather than on their TV. There will always be a very large audience that watches pay per view on their TV but the industry could be changing the the advancements in smartphones and laptop computers.

Watching Pay Per View on YouTubeOnline TV

THe last several UFC pay per view events were available for purchase through YouTube. After doing a little research on the Mayweather vs Canelo fight tonight it does not look like the purchase can be made on YouTube. This has to do with the Showtime contract as Showtime wants fans to consume the content on their website rather than on YouTube or another streaming service. That said, there are many pay per view events that are available on YouTube. Google has worked very hard to offer this service with sports organizations and companies that host these types of pay per view events. I am not an expert when it comes to the contracts for these types of things but I know that YouTube has worked very hard to get certain contracts with cable companies, movie companies and sports organizations. It is not an overnight process. It could take years and possibly even decades for YouTube and some of these companies to come to terms. When it comes down to it it is all about money. Every single company wants their name branded with the event. This is why we see posters and commercials that always mention Showtime Boxing. It is Showtime pay per view that will allow fans to watch the big boxing match tonight.

I am left wondering how far things will go on YouTube. I have purchased a few videos to watch on YouTube for somewhere around $3 or $4. When I was in college and even just out of college I had to pay this much to rent a movie at Blockbuster. Now I can use my Google Play account to watch a movie on YouTube or through my Nexus 4 phone. There is likely going to come a time when diehard sports fans will be able to pay a small amount of money to watch their favorite team when they are out of the market. If I were a Los Angeles Dodgers fan and I lived in North Carolina there is a good chance I would not get to see most of the games throughout the season. For this reason, I would have to buy a special cable package to watch my team play. If YouTube wants to really grow when it comes to the pay per view crowd they will strike up deals with the popular out of market teams and allow fans all over the world to watch their favorite players. The sports industry is huge when it comes to pay per view and YouTube already has one of the biggest sports audiences on the Internet. It would not be hard for Google to throw up a few ads here and there showing fans they can watch every game from their smartphone, tablet or laptop through the YouTube app.

Controlling Pay Per View Events Online

Just a few minutes ago I noticed that many of the sports business Twitter accounts I follow were mentioning the hard work that goes into taking down all the "live stream" websites that have a pay per view uploaded. It would be truly impossible to take every single one of them down but Showtime works with these website to make certain that pay per view events are not available for free. This is a task in and of itself. Ten years ago this is not something any company had to worry about. Today, anyone that purchases the big fight tonight can hook up their computer to their TV and broadcast to whomever they like. For the most part, people are not going to do this because they could end up in legal trouble or they could have the future opportunity to purchase a pay per view taken away. Even though this is the case for most there are still some that want to see what they can get away with. By doing some quick searches on Google or YouTube you will notice plenty of spam websites that are created solely for a major event. Rather than trying to find this fight for free it would be worth the time and effort to make the purchase and not have to worry about any issues. This country loves to save money and some people will scour the Internet for hours trying to find free pay per view websites.

I have no idea how much Showtime must pay the staff to control this time of a problem but it is only going to get worse as social media continues to advance.




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