Have something Every person with P2P needs if they don't have it !

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Jayson Krause
Have something Every person with P2P needs if they don't have it !

OK first off most of you have heard of Kazaa !! Well some of you may not know that Kazaa is a dangerous program to use ! 

If you use Kazza I sugust getting rid of it ASAP ! Other program which are similiar are just as bad iMesh is the same as Kazaa with a different name I thin Limewire using the similiar stuff but not as many problems as the other two !

Below is a link to a program called KazaaBeGone it removes the files You should never try to remove yourself and it 100% safe ! 

You see if you unistall Kazaa, iMesh and Limewire it leaves files behind ! This will get rid of the files that are left behind !



Note: If you use iMesh you can run this without it deleting iMesh and it get rid of the Spyware files from iMesh, sometimes it will take forever to log back in, then it will eventually reinstall the spyware without asking you so is iMesh a program you really want ? I say NO !!!

mIRC is a good P2P if you know a good channel I use mIRC

I also have use WinMX ! Note : WinMX will have problems with some firewalls !


Now I have used uTorrets in the past and never had any problems yet , But I prefer mIRC also with mIRC you can send a file to your friend at lightning speed !

mIRC is a chat based program so it's easier finding what you want if you have the right program to run it ! I use Gateway151 download it here

http://www.freewebs.com/gateway151/ They mostly Host Karaoke ! But if you find the person and chat room you can find anything ! They have their preset channels in the program and I think its a good way for anyone to start with mIRC !

Also if you use Autoget PLEASE SHARE a lot, they may block you if you use autoget and you are not sharing ! To download you have to be voiced in Prelude other channels have different rules ! so if you log in and there is not a +v at the end of your username you should PM the moderator Jayson151 :)



somewhere over ...
Every person with P2P needs if they don't have it !

Hi Jayson!

Thanks for the great information and the links.  Kaaza and iMesh are some of the ones I never downloaded and after reading what you said I am glad of it.

I do use the program uTorrent with great success.

From what you just said I am now interested in finding out more about mIRC.  Is there a website somewhere to read about the different rules you mentioned or other things as well? 





Jayson Krause
Re: Every person with P2P needs if they don't have it !


is a great place to start with mIRC ! It's based on IRC chat ! Jason151 and some of the other moderators can help set it up once your online !


If you decide to set it up and have a router go into the main chat which should open if you use there mIRC program . #prelude is the main chat if you are not in there more than likely you will be in #karaoke corner  I'm Jayson on the for my username ! 

OK to set up your router first goto chat bar and type in /run cmd a black window that looks like the old dos window,hen type IPconfig, then a  write all the IP info down in notepad or whereever 

You may have to ask one of the moderators to help you depending on your router but normally you would then put you IP gateway address into a blank browser and your router page should open 

a box will open up saying something like:

"A username and password are being requested by The site says: "Linksys xx00x0""

and for user name unless you already changed it dont put anything

for password by default it is ' admin '


 you want to goto applications & gaming .... tab on top 


you will see a form that has boxs in it you will want it to look like this below



so you would input prelude then chang ports to 7001 , 7005  then your IP ddress then last three from it that you got from previous steps !


then restart mIRC and ask someone to voice you and set up your triggers ! If I'm online I will do that for you !


Jayson Krause
Re: Every person with P2P needs if they don't have it !

NOTE: Not to be used to download Illegal or Copyrighted Material ! Please not only download Material that you own! 

If you don't understand this please Google what you can and can't download !!! Thank you ever-so much , 

                                                                                                                                              - Jayson



Well I decide to show somewhat how to se up triggers just in case no one is online this may help out others too !


OK to set up triggers goto 5th icon from the left on the botton bar see screenshot below !







You would want to change your trigger to your username !

Trigger description can be anything you want !

The above is mostly used to DL karaoke

some site have movies like TMD moviez ! Example : Channel  #TMD_moviez <---- I don't know if this Channel is even active anymore ???


If you goto Channel list it will show all sorts of channels ! I may do another reply post if anyone wants this too !

DJ Tuck
Re: Every person with P2P needs if they don't have it !
Hey Jayson... is Gateway 151 gone? I'm looking for it again cause I had to wipe my hard drive so I'm starting over with everything. I can't seem to find it anywhere though. Thanks
somewhere over ...
Re: Every person with P2P needs if they don't have it !

Wow Jayson, thanks for the great information!

I am copying your information for reference and I am going to give this a try!

Have a great night!


Re: Have something Every person with P2P needs if they ...
Yo Jayson, I'm a fairly regular user of mIRC and Gateway151 but, the other day, my version of the program vanished from my PC. Now I can't get it back. I paid to register with one that looks like it but I can't find the channels or rooms I was in befoe. Please help me to get back to it. Thanks a lot!!

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