"Heather" from "Account Services" is in jail !

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Re: "Heather" from "Account Services" is in jail !
If that was ever true, she didn't last long. Got another call from her this morning offering to lower the interest rates on my credit cards--an exercise in futility since I never keep balances on my cards--and once again I pressed "2" to get my number off her list. Yeah, like that will work!
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Re: "Heather" from "Account Services" is in jail !

Heather -- or at least some of the many Heathers -- is/was Brittany Dunphy, Kara Singleton Adams, Jason Eyers, James Schoenholz et al. I know this because I filed complaints about Heather harassment and then started getting emails from the US Department of Justice about the progress of their Heather prosecution. Today's update:

The defendant BRITTANY DUNPHY plead guilty to one count of Conspiracy to Commit Offense or to Defraud US. BRITTANY DUNPHY also plead guilty to one count of Fraud by Wire, Radio or Television.

It is helpful for the Court to know the impact of this crime on its victims. In an effort to provide this information to the Court, we are enclosing a Victim Impact Statement. If you choose to complete a statement, please forward it to:

Jamila Hall
United States Attorneys Office
Northern District of Georgia
75 Spring Street, S.W.
Suite 600
Atlanta, GA 30303

This is one way the Court can hear your concerns as they relate to the crime. A United States Probation Officer may also contact you in an effort to obtain additional victim impact information. Victim impact information is generally not public information; however, under criminal law and procedures, all information contained in your questionnaire will be disclosed to the defendant and his attorney. Please return this statement as soon as possible, and at the very latest it needs to be returned before the sentencing date.

The sentencing hearing for defendant(s), BRITTANY DUNPHY, has been set for November 1, 2011, 10:30 AM at Richard B. Russell Federal Building and Courthouse, Courtroom 2307, 75 Spring St. SW, Atlanta, GA 30303 before Judge Charles Pannell. You are welcome to attend this proceeding; however, unless you have received a subpoena, your attendance is not required by the Court. If you plan on attending, please check with the VNS Call Center to verify the sentencing date and time. Should you wish to speak at the sentencing or want to check for the most current information on the date/time of this event please call our office a day or two before the scheduled hearing.

A United States Probation Officer prepares a report for the Court and may contact you to discuss the impact the crime had on you financially, physically, and/or emotionally. If you are contacted, please make every effort to provide accurate and detailed information. PLEASE NOTE: If you plan on attending the hearing, we suggest that you call our office at 404-581-6179, 404-581-6041 or 404-581-6102 one business day before the hearing to confirm the date and time. This call will help ensure that you receive up-to-date information on the status of the hearing.

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Re: "Heather" from "Account Services" is in jail !
Well, that hasn't stopped them. I got 2 calls from Heather today...grrr!!
Re: "Heather" from "Account Services" is in jail !
GOT A CALL: 10/8/11 10AM
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Re: "Heather" from "Account Services" is in jail !

10/10/2011 - Heather's sidekick Rachel called just now.

A couple of months ago I read all the FTC documents that you linked to, and called the "Staff Contact" number in Chicago that was listed at the bottom of the document your link goes directly to. The woman that answered the phone said they get calls from Heather all the time. These are the people that handled the suit against them and they get called by them all the time! I said you guys sued them, won, and they're still calling. She said "Do you think they care?" When I read that they had a 9 million dollar judgement against them because that was the estimated amount of their ill begotten gains, which by the way they claimed poverty and did not pay, I understood why they are continuing to do it.

Hey, lawyer up, steal 9 million dollars, claim poverty when told to pay it back, repeat.

Re: "Heather" from "Account Services" is in jail !

Geeez!   I'd have to claim poverty, too, if I got a 9-million dollar judgement against me.  Maybe, they'll just have to shoot both Heather and Rachel, then bury them out in the yard, and write off the judgement -- might be cheaper for all concerned.

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Call from 971-373-0141
Heather must be calling from the big house. I am getting calls on both my home and mobile phones. My mobile captured the following number: 971-373-0141.
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Re: "Heather" from "Account Services" is in jail !
'Fraid not...we've gotten at least three calls within the last month.
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Re: "Heather" from "Account Services" is in jail !
I hear the jail Heather is in has employment classes of setting up your own robocall business. I continue to get the calls and from different floating numbers.
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Re: "Heather" from "Account Services" is in jail !
Hahaha I had no idea about them or their scam. I was even interested this morning when they spike to me without my coffee. They woke me up after a rough night at work but I'm forgiving and too nice a guy. Needless to say, I was hung up on by a very rude male who had 0 patience. If they think they can out rude me they have another thing coming! I'm a child of the interwebs! I will expose my madness!!!!!!


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