Hello GrownUpGeeks :D

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Hello GrownUpGeeks :D

Hi! I discovered this site while looking for the illusive/rumored app that shows who searched for a person on Facebook. Now I am going to try to find ways to use images and photos online and how to upload/download because these things confuse me to no end. I have a blog I would like to start on and I want to illustrate it but even with Picasa and Blogger - I still can't figure out how to get the image on there. I just started a Kodak account that is holding my personal photos hostage. And my son sent me a movie from his phone and I downloaded it and it's here somewhere lost in my computer. I have lots of issues. I hope to solve one or two before Christmas! So greetings everybody! I am off to explore. :D P.S. I spend a great deal of time playing on Facebook even though I have grandkids! I am not worried who searches for me but for them.


Re: Hello GrownUpGeeks :D

I'm sure we'll be able to help, one issue at a time.. It will be easier though if you register for a free account so we know who you are.

Re: Hello GrownUpGeeks :D

Oh boy, here we go! I thought I WAS logged in. I set up an account, got the email and followed the instructions (?). I was welcomed and advised to do the intro/practice comment. When I posted it, it came up as anonymous so I tried to log in a couple more times and got no results. I revisited the email and tried again. I also tried logging in with both my email address and my name. I got the "6 out of 7" warning - so here I am. How do I log in, please? :D

premature LogOffulation

Von wrote:
..so I tried to log in a couple more times and got no results.

Can you give us more info on what you mean by "no results" ? did you get an error message or anything?

Assuming your are "Vonnline", you were logged-in a bit earlier.. if you are suffering premature logg-offulation it's probably due to your security settings on your web-browser (Internet Explorer?) being set to "high" and/or not "trusting" GrownUpGeek.com, resulting in not allowing or blocking "cookies" from the site.. this is common for Windows users suffering the usual Windows-usage-paranoia. (Windows paranoia, while necessary if you use Windows, it totally curable with THIS, but that's a whole 'nother post..)

Try checking your security settings and allowing cookies/"trusting" grownupgeek.com. If you dont know how/what/where to do that, post the name of your web-browser and the version and we can help talk you through it..

Re: Hello GrownUpGeeks :D

welcome to GuG, Von!

looks like you are off to a great start. many of us here are facebook users and have the same interests. 

you're a sure fit!



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