A busy week!

A very busy week at GrownUpGeek.com !

As many of you probably know, last week GrownUpGeek.com hit the front page of digg.com.  As a result, we went from an average of 4,000 visitors per day, to 4,000 visitors per hour - totaling several hundred thousand visitors over the last few days! (We stopped watching the numbers after a the third day). We got even MORE busy when we hit digg.com AGAIN two days later.  This second "digging" resulted in less traffic than the first digg, but our average visitors per day is still up over 3x what is normal.

Because of this increase in visitors Hubby's been extra busy staying ahead of all the spam, trolls, hackers, server problems, and other stuff that comes along with lots of people visiting a website. Sooo.. you may notice that responses to emails sent to us, answers to questions, wait-time in moderation for certain posts, etc, have all taken a bit longer (by days in some cases) than normal. It looks like the extra traffic from digg.com is dying down now, so things should be back to normal soon.

Thank you all for being members of GrownUpGeek.com !