Hey everyone!

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Hey everyone!

Hey wutsup yall? My name is Daniel, I'm in the army currently deployed in the carribeans (humanitarian stuff) Not so much new to the site itself but I'm new posting. I've had this account for about 2 years but never really got to use it that much due to me going through Basic, AIT, and traveling around alot. but I like the site teaches me alot of good info on Myspace and html in general. i also signed for a premium so I hope to see what else yall have to offer!


Re: Hey everyone!

Welcome to GuG!  

Thanks for serving! 


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Re: Hey everyone!

Welcome to the community! I just joined recently and started posting :) It's nice to meet a brother in arms!

Re: Hey everyone!

Welcome! It's a great place to be! 



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Re: Hey everyone!

AWESOME, welcome to the way of the GUG!  



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