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Hi pplease

i surfed through the internet and found the url intresting ;) i am from europe :o anyone else from europe here?


Re: Heyaaa

 Hello kolomophoi, Welcome to the greatest site you will ever find! Of course, that is our membership's modest opinion! No matter what level of geekdom you have attained, there is always something to learn here. There are also forums on cooking, games, pets, travel, as well as many others. In other words, there is always something to do! So look around...with over 16,000 members, there's bound to be someone else here from Europe!...juliek

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Hey there kolomophoi.  Welcome to our world.  So glad you could make it and hope the trip here was pleasant.  While you're here, sit back, relax, take a look around, and just enjoy the show.  We have just about anything you may need and, what we don't, we'll try to figure out for you!  Oh and when I said, "while you're here", what I really meant was "now that you're here, you can never, ever leave us."  But why would ya want to?  Welcome to the family!

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Heyaaa....back at 'cha! we have many euro peeps here on GuG, kolomophoi. but i cannot think of any with an name as interesting as yours. i'll tell you mine if you tell me yours Wink......let's hear about it here! 

welcome & enjoy. it's really quite entertaining here!

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Heyaaa - welcome to GUG! Have fun!!Cool

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Hello my new gugee! Welcome, it's s great site you found here now just sit back and enjoy!

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Hello and welcome to Grown Up Geek!!!

It's always nice to meet a new member, because everyone brings their own special flare to the table... 

Welcome aboard! Please keep hands, feet, and personal belongings in the moving vehicle at all times!

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I've been to Europe... I hit a guys car and left a little dent... Was that you car? I'M SO SORRY! I seriously would have stayed around! But I was afraid I would get beaten up or something.... I'm so sorry! Is it still driving? Maybe it was a bigger dent then I thought..... Oh God, did the car break while you were driving it??? Surprised I could have killed you! Then you never would have discovered GuG! SurprisedSurprisedSurprised


Anyway, since you alive, welcome!


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