Hi, everyone...

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Hi, everyone...

hi eveyone. I'm obviously new here, so i decided against being shy and here I am introducing myself :)

I'm Bethany.


Re: Hi, everyone...

Welcome to the Family. I'm sure you'll love it here. 

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Re: Hi, everyone...

[quote=thephoenix]hi eveyone.[/quote]

hello phx! welcome to GUG. i've followed a few of your comments. looks like you have found your way around a bit. also checked out your myspace page. thanks for providing the link.

be sure to check out our FAQ page. it is more like an "fyi and how-to" all in one! 


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Re: Hi, everyone...

Hey, welcome to GUG!

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Re: Hi, everyone...

Welcome, Bethany! I hope you enjoy it here--there are lots of things to talk about and lots of people to get to know!

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Just ask around if you have any questions! We're all pretty happy to help... or at least happy to find someone that can help you ;) 

Welcome to the GuG! 


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Re: Hi, everyone...

thanks everybody...love it here so far :)

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