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Hi GuG

Hi GuG.

I wanted to say hello. What an awesome forum you have here. There's so much information and so many funny/informative folks who post.  It's really neat that you have computer stuff/ real life stuff/ comraderie going on here. That's why I wanted to be a member.

 Anywho, I wanted to introduce myself for you guys. I'm burgundyblue, a recently married southern girl.

Our family is my husband, "Hubs," two minature doxies, and our infant daughter Sophie who passed away earlier this year.

My internet interests include: butchering CSS, playing World of Warcraft online (Shadowsong server), Twitter, making lolcats and loldogs for icanhascheezburger.com, science blogs, mommy blogs, vector art, and webspace design.

Outside of the internet I garden, play with my nephew, cook, read a lot of books, chase my dogs around, pick up after my husband and watch movies.  I like to write.

 That's about it in a nutshell.  I'm looking forward to meeting you!



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 Thanks for the link , I'll check it out.               



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So sorry to hear about your daughter. Im sending healing thoughts your direction!

please post pics of the doxies! I love puppies- specially those of the miniature variety!!! 

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  Hello. BurgundyBlue, i'm so glad to welcome you to  the GuG. i find it a very comforting place to rest these weary bones. i came to this site so tech illiterate that it was sad, let me tell ya! I've been here a year and some months, and i have learned so much!! and more importantly, i have made some good friends here.  WELCOME   juliek  p.s. i like to write, too.

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Congratulations on your marriage, and my condolences for your daughter. I'm sure you'll enjoy it here--you'll definitely learn a lot!

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Hey welcome 2 gug, ima chatty lil person if you find the right subject, i also love to write poetry, if someone would give me a blog! *hint hint wink wink nudge nudge hubby!*
but yea, i hope you like it here on gug, and im sorry to hear bout your loss, hope u have fun here!

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I want to say hi too! Hi there!

We have a miniature dachshund too, her name is Daisy. And I did see her in a window. In the mall of all places.

Hubby and I were shopping and I saw the pet store coming up on my left and I purposely looked straight ahead because I didn't think a mall was the best place for little animals to be. Hubby stops me and says that I have to look at the little puppies.

So, I turned around, went to the window, and there she was, long brown ears and the other puppies were chewing on them. I was not happy. I told hubby I wanted to leave and we did.

That night and for the next day I couldn't stop thinking about the little puppy and worrying. So, off to the mall I went, all by myself and I bought her and took her home. I was so worried my hubby would be upset, especially at how much she cost, but he wasn't at all. He said he expected I would do exactly that.

She's my little girl and I just love her. Only once did I buy her a dress, put it on and take pictures. Hubby got a little muscle shirt for our miniature chihuahua at the same time. It just didn't seem right to see them in clothes.


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I love the doxie pictures Hot2na!!!

I have a miniature named Daisy. Well, she's 13.6 pounds, so not that mini. I think I might like it here :0)

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[quote=babygeek]I love the doxie pictures Hot2na!!! I think I might like it here :0)[/quote]

trust me...you will like it, but will absolutely love love love it if you have the premium membership!

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Welcome to the GUG family! And also my condolences on your daughter to you and "Hubs". I'm sure I speak for everyone when I saw we can't wait to get to know you!

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Sorry I was not around earlier to welcome you to GuG, as I had surgery and complications.  I hope that you are finding your way around and feeling like participating.  What kind of writing do you indulge?


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