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hi there

Just saying hi-love the site-learn something new all of the time!


Re: Welcome Spencer!

hi Spencer39 and welcome to TheGug!
I see you're already sporting your red-premium badge and i must say it looks quite nice on you :-)

Re: hi there

Hi Spencer! Welcome to the GUG! You'll soon find out that on this site you'll never stop learning and you'll meet some really awesome people. Enjoy your stay! :-)

Re: hi there

spencer! look at you sportin' the big red $..already. you go boy!

and if you ever need any navigational assistance, click here or to add pics or hyperlinks here, and anything else... feel free to IM me by clicking here.


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Re: hi there

 HI Spencer! Welcome to the way of the GUG. 



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Re: hi there

Hello New gug! Youve came to the best site ever:) no seriously. Dont be afraid to ever ask for help!  WELCOME WELCOME!


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Re: hi there
Welcome to GuG Spencer!

"Before this blog, we only thought of trolls as those goofy dudes with wild hair. The trolls here give new meaning to obnoxious."

Re: hi there

welcome to the GuG, Spencer. make sure to holla if u have any ?s.it'll give all the people who really know the technology something to do. me,...i just sit around with my feet up, and my ashtray full, empty takeout all over the place and half finished crossword puzzles all over the floor....juliek

Re: hi there

LOL juliek sounds like my place...only that I have clothes scattered all over the floor too :-)

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