"Hoax" eMail and Credibility

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"Hoax" eMail and Credibility

So it is still early in the new year and that is usually when the all too familiar virus warning email (hoax) are busy filling inboxes. Yesterday I challenged a corporation on one that somehow made its way to my personal email. Note, I'm retired. I have no affiliation with the firm. But that didn't stop me from ripping a few heads off Yell of Mr. Corporate America IT guy I was connected to. *name changed to protect the firm* So boys & girls, my inquiry for the day is, what do you do or use to verify and/or validate a virus hoax email? Urbanlegend.com? Hoaxbuster.com? Snopes.com? McAfee? your IT Dept.?,etc.

Just curious.


Re: "Hoax" eMail and Credibility

I always run them through Snopes.com - but, I can tell a hoax 99.9% of the time just by the obvious tell-tale signs. For more info on what those tell-tale signs are and how you can learn to spot a hoax yourself, you can read our eMail Hoax page.

and for the love of pete, don't send every suspicious email you get to your poor IT support guy!

Re: "Hoax" eMail and Credibility

I send links to Snopes.com on a regular basis. It's amazing to me what some of my friends will pass on with the intention of informing those of us who are, well, "less informed" than they are, bless them.

I still get forwards (the much-loved Fwd:fwd:FWD:FWD:Fwd:re:FWD: subjects) about missing children that Snopes says was first seen in 2003 ...and the kid's the same age as he/she was then. The kid who never existed to begin with or was found the day after the first email was sent out.

Or the "OMG I could use the money so it's worth a shot!" forwards about those wonderful Beta email trackers that awards us a healthy sum for passing it on. Wait. Programs that track users embedded in an passed-on email? That's usually called a virus.

So yes, I also have loved snopes.com since before they even had a search box. But with my trusty ABP I had no idea how ad-dependent it was (although it makes sense) until the friend who introduced me to snopes sent me this link: http://www.ghettowebmaster.com/adware/snopes-funded-by-adware/

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