Horror Movie Hunt

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Horror Movie Hunt

I'm always looking for some new movies to watch and I have been in the mood for some good horror movies. Anyone know a few titles worth watching? New/Old, Major/Underground releases, and even the best of B-Movies. 



Re: Horror Movie Hunt
The Brotherhood of the wolf Also, I watched a great one through netflix the other day (can't remember the name) but basically it was getting people so messed up that they talked to God right before they died because they were so close to death.. Pretty great horror movie. I wish I could remember the name. Oh also saw a great foreign vampire movie about a priest who was fighting the plague in Africa, and caught it.. as he was getting blood injections on his death bed he recieved an injection of Vampire blood... Everything went to hell from there. Yea, I like really messed up movies. May try googling the theme to get the name of those movies.

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