How do I know for sure if IPs are proxies?

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How do I know for sure if IPs are proxies?

I found a thread here about this from 2009 but unfortunately wasn't able to glean what I needed from it.

As a test, I got the IP from a proxy (I used it myself in order to get the log in my tracker) and put it through several IP lookup databases (MaxMind, whois, and mxtoolbox) and couldn't find anything in those to tip me off on how to tell a proxy from a legitimate user. I should mention I'm only using the free services of each.

A month ago a few people took it upon themselves to begin stalking me, from new blogs to old, and a couple of people that I'm friends with. None of us have received messages as of yet, but we're having people who open our blogs 4+ times a day, sometimes refreshing 20, and even going through blogs that are 2+ years old in order to find more information on us.

If these IPs are legitimate, then I have a good idea of who each one is, but in order to make any sort of report or confront them I need 100% undeniable proof that these are not proxies.

I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post the IPs (there are 3-4) that I'm worried about here. What do I look for in the lookups to tell me if an IP is legit or is a proxy?


Re: How do I know for sure if IPs are proxies?

I looked around and found other posts which were posting questionable IP addresses, so here they are: (note that I've received many hits from this area of Australia that were the same device and eventually stopped moving around, so I don't THINK this one is a proxy)

Since acknowledging in a post that I was watching via my tracker, I've also begun getting some hits by a couple of smartphones using data rather than WiFi so it would have a phone company IP address that wasn't narrowed down to an area. Oops.

Re: How do I know for sure if IPs are proxies?

sometimes it's really hard to know for sure if an IP is a proxy or not..
I've looked at all 3 of those IPs (now anonymized, but I saw them) and none look like proxies.. The 2 US ones I am confident aren't proxies, the Australian one I am less confident because there is less info available on it.

Re: How do I know for sure if IPs are proxies?

Thank you!!
I thought they were probably real, but after comparing them with IP lookups from a proxy I tested, I wasn't sure if I could find any important differentiations.

I appreciate it.

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