How do I make a fake profile ?

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How do I make a fake profile ?

I need help making a fake profile... please, can anyone help me????



Re: How do I make a fake profile ?

Find a fake picture online using google, photobucket, etc. Decide whether you're making your fake profile a boy or girl, and what type of style you want to be. Ex: you want to be an emo girl, you'll search emo girl. Pick a look you want.

Pick some things you want your fake person to like. Such as music, Tv shows, movies, etc. But be warned some fans of a particular thing you mentioned they might ask questions so be prepared best to know a little about the band.

Basic info: full name, age, date of birth and place, current location and language can be made up. Ex: instead of typing like this you can type like this: whatzz up???

Make hobbies and just lie pretty much about everything about yourself.

Bob Saget
Re: How do I make a fake profile ?
Or you could like... NOT make one. Since it's against the rules. Why don't you talk to your boyfriend directly instead of making a fake account?
Re: How do I make a fake profile ?

Why do you want to fake a profile? for what reasons? you it against the rule you know.

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