How do i tell if a Facebook non-friend blocked me

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How do i tell if a Facebook non-friend blocked me

Seems as if EVERY time I ask any site how you know if someone blocked you its always are they gone from your friends list, check your list, blah blah list. DOES anyone ever STOP to think of those of us who were NEVER FRIENDS on Facebook need to know how will I know if they blocked me? I have looked page after page on this site and got exhausted looking for the answer.

We were never friends but messaged everyday quite often and I know they blocked me because I made them mad. All most every site says if you can see their name in the search they haven't blocked you, but even this site says that, but also says if you try their profile and it says page you requested something something is showing, then yes they blocked you. If that is so why are they still showing up in my search bar name and thumbnail when I type in there name? By the way they don't show up on my droid when I search(rarely talked to them on droid) but name thumbnail photograph does my home computer were we talked alot.

COULD ANY ONE please help since this is A QUESTION NEVER ASKED OR ANSWERED AT LEAST 50 pages ON THIS SITE that I went back to. Thanks



Re: How do i tell if a Facebook non-friend blocked me

First of all, at this website, and most other websites, the people answering the questions dont work at Facebook - and Facebook does not always publish the specifics of how blocking works - so it may be that nobody knows the exact answer to your very specific question.

All that said, based on my experience of pissing off people on Facebook, friends and non-friends, and being blocked, I would say that if you search them and can't find the page, or if you know the exact URL for the page and you can't view it, you have been blocked.

It is entirely possible, that if you have just recently been blocked, the blockage may not yet have propagated through all of the bowels of Facebook - so for some time, it may still be possible to see them in your search bar/thumnail..

So, my answer is you have been blocked - and after several days or a week or so, the search bar thumbnail will also no longer be visible.. But, since I dont work at Facebook and since Facebook has not (that I can find or that i know of) published the specifics of how search-bar thumnails of blocked people work, i could be entirely wrong.

And in reality, does it really matter? You were sending this person messages.. You pissed-off that person.. That person has done SOMETHING so that now you can't send them messages.. Does it matter if you were 'blocked', or if that person just changed some security setting on their profile? Bottom line is: that person does not want you to message them anymore.

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