How far is too far?

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Same as Green - for me it's children being abused.  It sets me off.  Of course any animal shouldn't be tortured.

Movies don't bother me - I can appreciate a realistic horror like MIW mentioned with Saving Private Ryan.  It's art when it's portrayed in that manner.  I used to like the typical horror flicks but now I have no use for movies like the Saw series.  Gore for the sake of gore no longer interests me.

I can handle things that might make some squeamish.  In emergency situations, I have gone into autopilot.  I once gave a guy who had been shot in the chest CPR.  I know - what good could it do?  Well he had just been shot a minute earlier and was still twitching so I figured if his heart was intact and there wasn't damage from hydrostatic shock, he might make it.

Nope.  There wasn't a heartbeat when I started compressions and EMS couldn't start his heart but at least I tried.  I only saw his face in my sleep at night for two weeks.  I had major blood exposure so I had to get HEP and HIV tests in intervals.

Re: How far is too far?

My tolerance for things such as this vary. Anything involving abortion I can not stand. For example, you know those "LOL Cats"? Well, one has a cute cat, and it said, "I made you a cookie, but I eated it." Some moron decided it would be funny (and it really REALLY was not) to put a picture of an aborted fetus in the cats mouth and changed the words to "I made you an abortion, but I eated it."
I also saw a short film, where a little girls mothers' job was to preform abortions. Besides the fact of the way it was being done (it was in a foreign country with no medical equipment, I am sure you can put two and two together), the worse part was when the film showed the little girl throwing the fetuses into a river.
Both of these things really got to me.
Regarding animals, I saw a movie called Cannibal Holocaust. It is very graphic. And real. All of the animals that were killed in the film were killed live and for real. The worst was when and how the large turtle was killed. I cried. They also killed a coatimundi, a large spider, a snake, a squirrel monkey and a pig. And again I say, all of the killings of those animals were actually performed.
I also can not stand when children are used or abused in any way in any form (film, pictures, ect.)
And that is all I can think of at the given moment.

Re: How far is too far?

My tolerance for almost everything is really bad. Even if someone is only making a joke about my idols, my best friend or whatever, my anger shoots up immediately and start swearing and start being very very violent toward that person. And people who abuses animals and hates a certain band I like make my anger 10000 times worst.


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