How do I find out someones IP address to block them?

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Re: Blocking with IP address

Anonymous Visitor wrote:
I've been receiving an email notification in facebook that someone is changing my password. IP address is registered but i dont know who's IP address is it. iI've changed my password in both facebook and email and the next day this same IP address is changing my password.
How will i block this IP address accessing my Facebook or how i will know who's behind this

You can't block an IP address from accessing your Facebook account, only Facebook can do that.. Instead, change your password, and enable 2-factor authentication, and continue with your life.

It's also possible that this email is a fake/a phishing attempt to trick you into clicking a link to a fake Facebook site, and entering your password there for them to record - since you say that the email you got says someone changed your password, and yet you could still log in, which would not be possible if they changed your password, then I suspect this could be the case..


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