How to play Mobster App on Myspace

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How to play Mobster App on Myspace

Probably the first thing to do that you need is money.  You should get to work on getting your hourly income up so that you can buy weapons.  How do you do that well everyone starts off with 2k in money and energy at 10.  You build up your hourly income by buying property and building on it.  Now the cheapest thing is a vacant lot for 5k.  Now to get your money up to atleast 5K you need to a few missions so click on the missions tab and look to see what you what to do.  You will see that most missions require you to own some weapons.  So check out what weapons you need click on the weapons tab and buy them. 

The easy missions are generally a crowbar and a .38 special.  So you should have enough to buy those.  Once you bought them then do the missions to earn the extra cash.  As you do a mission it will take some of your energy - don't worry you will rebuild your energy.  So do 2 or 3 missions (depending what you pick) and get some cash.  As you do the missions you will see you will go up in level.  Leveling up is ok but be careful - don't go to high to fast.  Here is a example of doing missions and what you need.  Now when you level up you can get new and different missions so at level 1 you might not see all of these. 

Once you have some cash then go buy some property.  Click on the territory and buy a vacant lot.  Then the best I can say is be paitent and let your money grow.  Long in and check it and when you get enought buy some townhouses and let it go from there.  If you rush into it and do lots of missions to get cash you will find you are leveling up to fast and become easy pray for others to fight.  My main one I restarted a month and a half ago and for the first month I did not fight at all - I waited till I got enough of a hourly income to buy the weapons I needed to be fully armed to fight.  Here is how to buy property and you can see up top what your hourly income is:

How many weapons do you need?  Well that depends on what level you are on.  For every level you can have 5 mobsters fight with you. So level one you can fight with 5 mobsters (1 x 5 = 5) and like my examples I'm on level 8 so I can have 40 mobsters fight with me (8 x 5 = 40).  So how do you get a larger mob family?  Well send out invites to your friends.  If you need more there are some sites that will help you build up mobster friends to help build your mob (you can belong to as many mobs as you want to).  One great site for building up mobster friends fast is  Try and get your mob up to 500+ - you will need them down the line and the bigger your mob is now the better.  Here is how to build your mobsters - click on "My Mob" tab and invited from there....

Once you have a good hourly income (I would say making 1 million a hour) then stock up on weapons.  Look to see what level you are on and do the math.  Now like the profile I showed here is on level 8 so that means I should have enough weapons for 40 of my mobsters to fight with.  Now should someone fight me in the middle of the night they can easily level me up so I like to have enought weapons to cover me in the next level so I have 45.  At level 8 the strongest weapons are the AK-47 for attack and for defense (If I'm attacked) is shotguns, look under each weapon and it will tell you the attack and defense points.  Because I have enough cash I have 45 of each.  For armor I have 45 bullet proof vests - you have to protect your guys.  Vehicles is where it gets costly.  See with each vechicle you have a hourly upkeep charge.  For that reason only I keep just what I need at my level.  So for my level the strongest is the bulletproof Escalade but they cost me $200 a hour per vehicle so do the math on that one times 40 and I pay out 9k a hour in upkeep (see that is why you need some good income coming in).

Now you have your weapons and time to fight.  Click on the fight tab above and you will see who is currently online in mobsters on your level and not in your mob.  Here is the thing - look at their mob size.  If you want to level up the go for the larger mob size and fight them.  If you want to stay at your level then pick on the little guys.  Like at level 8 if I don't want to go up in levels then I will go after the mobs of 10 or less so that I don't get the  experiance point and I stay the same level.  I do however get the win 100% of the time and if they have property then I get money.  Like this example I won $3606. from them but they lost alot more on thier end.  With the win my stats went up and theirs now shows a loss.

You can fight the same person till either your stamina runs out, they are in the hospital or you ICE them

What I love is the next day when you have fought someone who you have no clue who they are just the lucky hit of that fight and they get mad.  Woooo some get really mad.  They try and attack back and then realize they can't beat you so they start punching you.  Punching is so stupid.  They loose their stamina with each punch and all it does is drop your health little bits at a time but you recover from that fast.  I look at it as a waste of their time and energy and is like a little kid hitting and running but I find it funny as heck.  See now I know I have really annoyed that person and they become my project...LOL.  So now a few times a day I go in and I ICE him just for the fun of it. The other day I put him on the hit list just to see how mad I could get him....

Now who can fight you?  Well you can fight anyone your level or higher.  Like I'm on level 8 with this profile so I can NOT fight anyone at level 5 (unless they attack me).  So if you keep your weapons maxed out and try not to level to fast (build that income so you can add the weapons as you go) then you should be able to kick some serious booty in Mobsters. 

I figured I would stay at level 8 till I hit 2k in wins then level up.  Now I do have 3 losses but a ton of wins.  I took those losses going after a hit list guy that leveled up and I didn't realize that and got me in a couple of fights.  

SO there is basically how to play mobsters.  It may sound boring but OMG it gets addicting and it is fun and a GREAT stress re leaver.  So with that happy moberstering and go kick some mobster booty.  



Jayson Krause
Re: How to play Mobster App on Myspace

Great post !!!


I would like to add a few things that I have learned !



You want to get Property as soon as possible  I suggest buy one empty lot first !

Note once you buy a certain property it goes up the Original Value when you purchase ten !


Example: you buy buy 10 Vacant Lots for 50,000  the price per lot goes up to 10,000 per lot!

you buy 10 more and it cost you 100,000 and the price goes up to 15,000 per lot !


Start off with the more is better theory but don't waste your money I suggest max out on shotguns they only cost $3000 and got a higher defense than a AK-47and that cost $15,000 

below is the price chart you see on the lower weapons !


Then get Armor and max out the Armor ( make sure you have one armor per person and one weapon per person that you fight with !

Example: 500 Crowbars will still beat 1  Guided Missile Launcher !

Use simple math to figure out if what you need to be strong enough to win



Guided Missile Launcher

Attack: 20
Defense: 5

So if you have five you can say you defense is attack is 100x and defense 25x

the x is the other factor that is not explained here and is a little more complicated !

This method will tell you what weapon will win against each other

say you have $150,000 and you have no weapons which would you buy ?

Pump-Action Shotgun
Attack: 2
Defense: 4

Attack: 6
Defense: 3

If you buy 10 Ak47s your attack is 60x and your defense is 30x

or 50 shotguns which total to attack of 100x and you defense of 200x

I hope that makes sense !



Anonymous Visitor
Re: How to play Mobster App on Myspace

my game started changing on the fight list,now instead of just attack, it says,wins often,wins some,loses some,breakes even, on my low account its the same way, my husbands game hasnt changed on his fight list, why did mine?

Anonymous Visitor
Re: How to play Mobster App on Myspace

it updates it automatically and it depends onwhen your file updates it self i have had the same problem with diff. acts. on the same comp. so hope that helps (stay)

Re: How to play Mobster App on Myspace

Also, when it comes to fighting, a good thing to know is that each mobster in your mob uses 1 (one) weapon, 1 (one) armor, and 1 (one) vehicle. It's good to buy a weapon, armor, and vehicle for every mobster in your mob.

Ex. I have 118 people in my mob.

I have 118 Humvees; 118 advanced ballistic armors; and 118 Guided Missile Launchers.


Also, if you're worried about having all those people as unwanted friends in your myspace, you can delete them as a friend from your myspace, but still have them as part of your mob.



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Re: How to play Mobster App on Myspace

If i delete my friends will I still be able to broadcast to them and send energy??..

Grunge Freak
Re: How to play Mobster App on Myspace

See about weapons you have it wrong. You can fight with 2 different sets of weapons. What many dont know is it is best to have 500 mini guns as well as 500 guided missiles launchers.When you attack you will use the missile's and when your being attacked you will use the mini gus.By doing this you will win more fights.

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Re: How to play Mobster App on Myspace

when your in a fight wether it be attacking or defending the computer automaticly pics the weapon best suited for the job if you have 25 mini guns and 25 rpg it will photograph the mini gun for defens situations and the rpg for attack situations

add me

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Re: How to play Mobster App on Myspace

How do I fix my mobster app

Re: How to play Mobster App on Myspace

im like lvl 10 now and got 15 mil hourly.
Myspace URL: shadow_the_darkness

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Re: How to play Mobster App on Myspace

NEW ACHIEVEMENTS !!! achievement by owning 10 shotguns dealer achievement by owning 25 RPG Launchers. Complex achievement by owning 50 Sarin Gas Sprayers
 Owner achievement by owning 1 El Camino Health Insurance achievement by owning 25 Ambulances Army achievement by owning 50 Rhino Tanks






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