how to restore windows ?

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how to restore windows ?

hey i need your help, i had a windows vista but there was some problem and i format it. now what i want i want to restore my previous windows so you know how can i do it.
i espect your kindly answer.


Re: please help

you might be able to use system restore to set your computer back to how it was before you installed vista. or you could just install the previous version of windows that you had

Re: please help

yap you are right and i installed vista which i have before ....but now i am haviang proleam with it..before i never have like this probleam ther is anyway which i can able to do it with out probleam ....
i try cuple time but its same thing ...
even i am not able to full updated my computer ...

Re: how to restore windows ?

what do you mean "restore my previous windows" ? do you mean all your settings and software or do you mean a different version ?

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