How To Tether a Windows Mobile Phone to a Laptop

What is this "tethering" you speak of?  Tethering in this article means to pair up a computer (usually a laptop) with a wireless/mobile phone. No - not tying them together so that one doesn't run away from the other.  We are tethering them electronically (USB/WiFi) in order to use the phone's Internet connection when no other access point is available.  The phone will serve as a modem for your laptop and this procedure will allow both USB and Wireless modem connections!

How effing cool is that?

My setup is a HP laptop running Vista Home and an AT&T issued LG-Incite CT810 PDA/Smartphone and it works wonderfully.  Not as fast as DSL but it is faster than what I remember dial-up was.

Ready?  Wait... not yet.  First a disclaimer:

Do some research on your particular phone model to see if others under your provider have successfully tethered their phones.  Your phone might not be tether-able.  You need to be able to hook up your phone via USB and this particular procedure is for Windows Mobile.  Also keep in mind that tethering may be disallowed in the contract that you signed with your wireless provider unless an additional fee is paid.  Oh - and a data plan is necessary!  You will be sucking huge amounts (comparatively) of data through your phone network.  If you tether and are charged by the kilobyte, you will have to move to another country to avoid paying your phone bill so please CHECK YOUR PLAN.

Here we go with the procedure to tether a Windows Mobile device:

You'll need two .cab files: ICSInstall.CAB and WMWifiRouter.CAB.  A .cab file is an install package that is used in some operating systems much like an .exe is used in Windows desktop operating systems.  The two particular files you need are scattered around the web but I have them here.  Download them to your desktop, and then load them into a folder on your phone.

Huh?  My phone has folders?  Whoa baby!  Hold it.  Better become familiar with your phone's operating system before proceeding.  Get out your manual and find out how to browse your phone's folders using both your computer AND your phone because you need to place these two .cab files in your phone so you can run them.

Done yet?  Feel better?  Good.  I feel better, too.

Here are the steps for the first part:

  1. Put these two .cab files into a folder on your phone - doesn't matter where.  I usually put .cab files in the root folder so I can find them easily to delete them after their application is installed.  Remember - they are like .exe files.  Once you install the program, you can delete them.
  2. Go to your phone's File Explorer, find and install ICSInstall.CAB.  This sets up wired tethering.
  3. Restart phone.
  4. Test it by connecting a USB cable between your phone and computer.
  5. In your Programs find and run IntShrUI.  Select "Connect".  It should read "Connected".  You are set for USB tethering.
  6. Select "Disconnect" and remove the USB cable.

This next part allows you to tether wirelessly using your computer's wireless adapter.

  1. Using your phone's File Explorer, find and install WMWifiRouter.CAB.
  2. Restart phone.
  3. Turn on your phone's WiFi and run WMWifiRouter from Programs.  Select "Connect".  Your Windows Mobile phone should have a screen similar to the one below telling you your phone is ready to be connected to.  Screenshot from my phone: 
  4. When you get the "ready screen" above, open up your laptop's wireless manager and in the available access point list (refresh the list if needed), you should now see an available unsecured connection called "WMWifiRouter".  Connect to it!  Remember that this is a WiFi connection - radio signal strengths vary so you should keep your phone pretty close to your laptop.

    Yippee!  Tethered Internet anywhere through your phone!