How to block Myspace Trackers

i) Tracker & URL list
ii) Setting up and instructions
iii) Explanation

i) Tracker and URL list

You can either enter the codes by hand if you only wish to filter certain trackers, or import them all with this text file.
(Right-click on the link and select "Save Link As" or "Save Target As")
Look at "Setting up and instructions" if you do not know how to import with adblock plus.

- LAST UPDATED October 2010 -
(latest additions in bold)

Tracker Name Filter strings
Myspace Profile Counter App see this post
Various world maps worldmap
Other trackers

If you know any that aren't on the list, please let us know and post them on this page.

ii) Setting up and instructions

1. First off you need to install firefox, if you aren't already using firefox get it here
2. Then you have to install the addon adblock plus, download and install it from here

3. Navigate to adblock plus through Tools->adblockplus

4. Now you're on the main screen for adblock. Click the button "Add filter" and enter the desired tracker URL.


Importing Filter lists

Navigate to filters->import filters

Click it and navigate to the file, in this case tracker_adblock_list2.txt. Select "Append" when you're prompted, press "apply" and the filters are ready.
You will have to check back every now and then for new filters and repeat this step.


iii) Explanation

Adblock filters out the links specified from the page. It prevents the filtered tags and URLs from loading so no information is passed to the tracker, thus the tracker is pointless and useless.


For even more help getting Firefox and AdBlock Plus installed, watch this step by step video:




Is there a way, if someone is using one of these blockers, to override it so you can really see who's looking at my page. My profile counter is going nuts on myspace but my tracker is listing very few views. Ive been using the same tracker for 3 years and its always pretty accurate until now.

Myspace counters are usually hit or miss and never tend to be accurate. There's no way to tell if someone is using adblock unless they tell you.

hello, i am new:) if i see a hit in Addblocker, it means that it is working, correct? i have tried to check to see if i can see myself in my friend maps but for some reason i can't see the maps anymore. i tried several profiles actually. is this normal? how can i check?


 If you see hits, then yes- its working. The reason you cant see maps anymore is because you have them blocked with AdBlockPLus. You would have to completely disable/turn off adblock plus in order to see yourself on a map again.


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I have ABP and I went on and it was still able to pinpoint my location and IP address. I know ABP was blocking stuff on the page because most items on the page didn't load, but I still showed up on the map with all my ISP information, etc. Now it makes me worry that I can still be tracked by someone's myspace tracker even though I have ABP installed (and I only use Firefox and ABP was enabled). Can someone tell me what's up with that?

(I just posted below) Oh yeah...I added whatismyipaddress to my filter I thought it would block everything.

I am trying to get set up to use adblock plus, but I can't seem to follow where the "tracker_adblock_list2.txt" is supposed to be. I have it installed as a plug in, and can put in a specific site to block (ie: mixmap), but how do I import the whole list???


I followed the answers to a prior similar question, but I can confirm that I can't see the text file on my desktop, and it doesn't show up in a search. I'm not sure if it is relevant, but I am running Vista.


right click and save "tracker_adblock_list2.txt" anywhere on your computer, then open adblock pluses preferences and under the filter tab "import filter" and browse to the file "tracker_adblock_list2.txt" and add it. pretty simple really and clearly explained in the tutorial

But also make sure you append instead of overwrite. 

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my own mixmap tracked me looking at my page yesterday. did mixmap change something?


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