How To Buy Something On Ebay

Want to get started buying on eBay but not sure how? is a great place to buy virtually anything - but if you've never purchased anything online, how do you get started? This short article will walk you through getting started on eBay and making your first purchase.

Step one: Have a look around eBay

First, get yourself familiar with eBay and what it has to offer. If you havn't already, go to and look around.

Step two: Sign up for an eBay account

The next step is registering which is quick, easy and free. To register all you need to do is fill-out an online eBay form with your information. You will be asked for your name, email address, real address, & phone number. You will also be asked to choose a member-name and password. Don't worry about your privacy - eBay is one of the largest and most trusted companies on the internet. They will not sell your personal information or abuse it in any way. To register go to the eBay sign up page by clicking here. or go directly to After filling-in the registration form eBay will send an email message to the email address you provided. Check your inbox and follow the instructions to activate your account. If you have questions about registering, see the eBay help page.

Step three: Find something to buy!

Now that you have an eBay account, you need to find something to buy. For beginners, the easiest way to find something is to use the eBay search page. Once on the eBay search page just type in what you are looking for and a list of auctions will be displayed.

When buying or bidding on something for the first time, look for something cheap and inexpensive. This will let you get a feel for how the auctions work without the stress or pressure of worrying about something going wrong and loosing a large sum of money. Once you've found something cheap, place your bid by clicking the "Place Bid" button and entering the maximum amount you are willing to pay for the item. eBay will automatically increase your bid amount in small increments up to the maximum amount you enter.

What is Buy It Now?

Many eBay sellers offer a Buy It Now (BIN) option. Using Buy It Now will bypass the auction process and lets you "Buy it now".

Pay for your items:

Once you win your auction or use the Buy it Now option it is time to pay. You can pay via Pay Pal or with credit card. I recommend using a credit card because of the protection it offers, but many sellers only accept PayPal payments. PayPal also offers fraud protection if you follow their guidelines, and is generally very safe to use.

Congratulations, that's all there is too it!

Ok, there is a lot more to learn, but I've covered the basics. If you have questions, post them below and we will answer them as best as we can.


To learn about selling on eBay, see the page on How to Sell on eBay





if you use your debit card, it should go through like any other debit-payment - i dont THINK there will be any other charges. if there is another charge added, come back here and let us know!

Can you use a prepaid VISA debit card for a method of payment?

if it's a VISA, it shouldn't matter if it's prepaid or not... as long as the seller says that they accept VISA.

Edit:  If you were to use this method, make sure you have the funds... you wouldn't be able to scam them, since sellers won't ship until payment clears

They all have fees, it is a continuance of the ATM con. This atm, contacts that atm, contacts third banks atm. Fee deducted for transfer from your bank by each and Viola, your $100.00 withdrawal is paid out with two twenties, a five and three ones. All courtesy of our good friends DODD/FRANK-2009

if there is a currency exchange, there is a charge

like from US dollar-$ to Euro(€) or Pounds(£)

Im trying to buy a truck on ebay some lady send me the info but she wants me to send her the half of the money by wetern union is it safe?

Sending money via Western Union is like handing them cash. When they vanish, you have no recourse and eBay won't be able to help you.

Use Paypal or credit card through Paypal. If something happens, you can petition for refund and it your claim is leget (descriptions or something listed incorrectly) they will come through for you.

Hi,I want to buy two items at once from the same seller, and i don't know how. can you help me?

you can message them or just bid on both of them.


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