How to catch a cheater with an iphone?

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How to catch a cheater with an iphone?

According to my spouses data usage, nearly 50% of it or more goes to Communication & Device Services, on their iPhone6 ios 9.

I started thinking they were using facetime a lot however the history never shows anything. The other day while on their phone looking at photos of a past event with them, I noticed FaceTime used in Recent along with a persons name who has giving us trouble in the past. I didn't say anything. so I'd wait a few days until the facetime app. has cleared from resent app. usage and then the next day check again and about 80% of the time these days I'll see facetime app sitting there.

My spouse always says they have no idea how it got there, and they accidentally clicked it. Not to mention we've been on the iphone at the same time while sitting next to each other and want to google something, but when they pull up safari the history pops up; like they were deleting something.

We have each others iclouds password, and we are fine with it. From time to time we will check in on each other if one of us decided to, using findmyiphone, no big deal. However around the same time the facetime issues started to happen, my spouses work location was all of a sudden the entire city, as opposed to what it has been for 2 years before which showed their exact location. In addition sometimes frequent location days are missing which never use to happen before. --Spouse has all location settings on so I'm confused as to why all of a sudden findmyiphone is not accurate at all on certain days, frequent location history is missing, and facetime is always there but never used. Trust me, the list goes on and on with many things that have nothing to do with the iPhone, which is why I find myself here and you few 'lucky' readers find yourself here reading my poor SOB story. (sorry!) Anyway, I just want to know what is going on to make the best choice, because I feel like trust is not going anywhere, calm talks of any of the above or something along the lines doesn't work either. any advice would be great, such as stuff outside the box that works. I can't jailbreak the phone and I've reviewed lots of spy software that does not require jailbreak about about 100% of them have the worst reviews from real users. could forward imessages but spouse may or may not be wise enough to check devices linked. Most of those back up from phone apps dont work as well. im out of ideas. Would just walk away but its not that simple with other people in our lives.. need something to back me up that im not crazy and something is going on. So then they can not lie and we can try to work it out or I can move on. I work hard, but lately i feel its for nothing.



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I have no access to the phone, so will this still work?

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