How to cure smelly feet

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How to cure smelly feet

For the last few years I have been having a problem with very smelly feet. The smell got so bad that after wearing my heavy hiking boots all day, I had to keep the boots AND the socks outside for a few days for the smell to go away.

I've tried everything. Foot sprays, anti-smell powders, talcum powder, baby powder - and nothing works. New insoles, even the expensive charcoal Dr. Scholl's ones don't help. Washing the shoes and replacing the insoles makes the shoes stop stinking but after wearing them one or two times, they stink again just like before. Even brand-new shoes are virtually ruined after wearing them for a few full days.

I have very sweaty feet and I think that had something to do with the bad smell, but even using prescription anti-perspirant on my feet (aluminum sesquichlorohydrate) only helped a little.

But finally, after talking to who else, but my mother about it, I've cured my stinky feet!

Mom's first question was "are you washing your feet?" - Of course I answered "yes" - I take a shower every day. But then she asked "are you REALLY cleaning your feet?" .. and after thinking about it, I realized, i wasn't REALLY cleaning my feet when I was taking a shower. My feet got wet, and sometime's i'd rub soap on them, but i wasn't really scrubbing them.

Mom suggested that at least 3 times a week i really SCRUB my feet with an exfoliating cleanser and loufa. So i Went down to CVS and got some $6 eucalyptus exfoliating wash with sand or something in it and a loufa, and started fully scrubbing my feet every time I take a shower. I take time to scrub (grind) between all toes, on the heels, tips of the toes - ALL skin surfaces.. According to mom this gets rid of all the dead skin that's been building up on my feet and stinking like rotting meat in my shoes when they get hot and sweaty.

Sure enough, after about 2 days, my foot stink was almost completely gone! 2 weeks of scrubbing and cleaning my feet every day, and now my feet DO NOT STINK AT ALL!!

I know it sounds gross that I wasn't "washing my feet" - but i thought I was. I didn't realize that they really need to be scrubbed and exfoliated to get all that dead (smelly!) skin off..

Cheap, easy cure to smelly feet: REALLY wash them!


How to cure stinky feet

I learned this the hard way when I was in my 20's, but it was my girlfriend that had to point out the obvious: wash ya damn feet!
My feet sweat a lot too and I kinda washed them once in a while in the shower but never really scoured them. My girlfriend had me take a bath 2 times a week (in addition to my regular showers) and let my feet soak, then had me wash them real good with a pumice stone and exfoliating wash. It only took a week or two and like magic my feet didnt stink anymore. I broke up with her a year later after she cheated on me but I still wash my feet real good at least once a week.

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