How to dissolve blackheads

Dissolve your blackheads fast, easy, and cheap!

Ever since I was a teenager I have had a problem with oily skin and blackheads.  I get most of my blackheads on my nose and forehead, and especially in the creases of my nose where the blackheads seem to breed uncontrollably.

Over the years I have tried everything to either prevent the blackheads or try to dissolve them.  Squeezing, extracting with special blackhead extractors, cleansing, scrubbing with apricot cleansers, lemon juice, alpha hydroxy, and regular acne medicine.  Some of these worked, like manually squeezing or extracting the blackheads, but this left my skin puffy and irritated, and the blackheads were back in just a day or two.  Some of the scrubs and medicines also worked, but they dried or irritated my skin, and are also very expensive.

For the last year I have been looking for something that would dissolve the blackheads right out of the pores, that I could also use daily without drying or irritating my skin or making me go bankrupt.  Finally, after taking the advice of a friends grandmother, I found something that dissolves blackheads fast, cheap and easy!

What to use to dissolve blackheads:  Carbamide peroxide

Never heard of carbamide peroxide?  Neither had I!  

Carbamide peroxide is similar to hydrogen peroxide, but is less irritating and does not dry the skin as much.  Carbamide peroxide is used in tooth whiteners and many (expensive!) acne treatments and medicines. The most common, and cheapest household use for carbamide peroxide is in plain old earwax remover.

Why earwax remover can dissolve blackheads

Dissolve blackheads - what a blackhead is made ofBlackheads are made up of mostly keratin and sebum (that stuff that oozes from your pores).  Earwax is made from dead skin, keratin (just like blackheads), and other fats that are similar to the sebum that blackheads are made of.  Basically, blackheads and earwax are more similar than we would like to think, and that is why earwax remover works so well to dissolve them.

The best part about using simple earwax remover to dissolve blackheads instead of expensive acne medicines containing the same active ingredient (carbide peroxide), is that instead of paying $25-$75 for a few ounces of special blackhead dissolving medicine, you can get virtually the same results with a $6 bottle of ear wax remover!

I didn't believe my friends grandma that the earwax remover would work, or wouldn't irritate my skin so tested for a few days on a very small spot on the side of my nose.  After a few days my skin wasn't irritated so I moved on to trying it all over my nose where my blackheads are the worst.  After only 4 days, virtually all of my blackheads were gone, and the pores were smaller, and, no skin irritation!

How to dissolve blackheads

This is the cleaning regimen that I use to dissolve my blackheads:

What you will need:

  • Earwax remover (Debrox, Murine, etc)
  • Cleaning scrub - I use Aveeno "Clear Complexion" but any light cleanser will do
  • Wich hazel
  • A noncomedogenic moisturizer.  I use Jojoba oil because it is noncomedogenic and the PH level is almost the same as your natural skin oil


Do this after a hot shower or steaming your face:

  • Dry your face completely
  • Apply a few drops of the earwax remover to the area with blackheads and rub on like a lotion.  Use enough so that you leave a layer on the skin
  • Leave the earwax remover on for 5-10 minutes.  You should start to see the tops of blackheads actually bubbling and dissolving
  • After at least 5 minutes use a tissue to fully wipe away all of the earwax remover
  • Use your cleansing scrub with warm water to wash your face, concentrating on the oily areas with the blackheads and be sure to fully clean off all of the earwax remover
  • Pat your face dry, especially the problem blackhead areas 
  • Dab-on the astringent and let dry
  • Put a few drops of your moisturizer on your finger and gently massage into your skin where the blackheads are to keep it from becoming dry 

Even though as you do this you can actually see the tops of the blackheads dissolving and bubbling away as the earwax cleaner is on your skin, it only dissolves the top part of the blackheads, so it will take a few days of doing this one or two times per day before you start seeing a big difference. For me it took about 5 days before the blackheads were dissolved all the way down inside the pores, and then regular daily cleaning this way prevented virtually any new blackheads from showing up!


Try on a small area first and wait a day or so to make sure your skin does not get irritated.




Thanks for this great advice, I have never been able to rid myself of these tiny pinpoint blackheads, ugly. With one use it was great, I only need it for my very oily nose area. Like you said very inexpensive and works well, at least for me and I am over forty.

Oh my gosh, I really need to try this. The black heads on my face have gotten way out of control and I'm panicking after just getting my acne under control. Thank you for this great suggestion and I really hope it works for me :)

For those that say "it gave me blackheads", you must remember that it will show some bubbling and as the Dr Derm told me, "it has to get worse before it can get better. Your skin is pushing out the bad stuff". I can't wait!

Are you referring to blackheads or sebaceous filaments? Most people confuse sebaceous filaments with blackheads but they are different. Blackheads are hard and black but filaments are flat and yellow, grey, or skin colored. If you squeeze your nose and it looks like a bunch of tiny tubes of toothpaste squeezing out of the holes, those are sebaceous filaments, and it's pretty much normal.

best way not to see blackheads or those filament things is to get rid of your magnifying mirror! Seriously, nobody can see any of those imperfections unless they are on top of you. and the person on top of you should accept you the way you are. if you spend all day staring, picking, and squeezing yourself in a magnifying mirror you'll go crazy.
if you cant see it from 1 foot away in a regular mirror don't worry about it!

What a useless, ignorant comment. Clearly you've never struggled with these conditions to know the difference between vanity and dysfunctional bodies that many people are struggling with and science/medicine has failed to address or solve -- instead constantly exploiting these problems for profit and insecurity.

People have a right to be in full health, not accept ignorance as a solution. Blackheads can easily lead to deeper infections, we call them zits, but they are INFECTIONS filled with pus. They hurt. Wanting clear skin is no more wrong or vain than wearing glasses to see.

"If you can't see it from 1 foot away...don't worry about it."

And if you can?

Well...the answer've had countless jerks tell you about your "imperfect" skin, many of whom sanctimoniously decide why your skin is imperfect (unlike their own, of course), and insist you listen to their incredibly-inexpert advice about how to "fix" it. (I could easily rhyme off dozens of embarrassing interactions with cosmetics salespeople, relatives, colleagues, etc.) So, when someone like me, with PCOS (of which oily skin and large pores is typically the second of many symptoms listed for the disorder), interacts with people, INVARIABLY one of them points out my large pores, and decides it is because I'm doing something wrong.

In contrast, I feel that a person's appearance is pretty much the least important thing about him/her. Yet I live in a world where almost everyone thinks it is the most important factor, and they freely offer their judgement (good or bad) without much hesitation. I would laugh about the ridiculous superficiality of it all, but I've been emotionally injured too many times to laugh anymore. (But know this...the Eleanor Roosevelt saying is true - "Intelligent people discuss ideas, average people discuss events, and stupid people discuss people." If you find yourself making comments about a person's appearance, you know to which category you belong.) Thus, with no other world to which I could escape, I have no choice but to fight against nature, and try to make my skin look more like people who don't have PCOS, so the majority of people on this planet will shut their stupid, stupid mouths.

And yet... you somehow ended up here and posting. Which means you actively searched for this (how to remove blackheads) came here and read it. Then began ranting. Maybe some people just dont like seeing black heads on their face... ever think of that?

i tried this stuff on the plugged pores and blackheads on my nose and it seems to get rid of the stuff at the surface and a little below the surface but not all the way down. does that mean I need to leave it on longer?


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