How To Get YouTube When It's Blocked

Many schools and businesses use a firewall to block access to YouTube, making it difficult (but not impossible) to access

If your school or office firewall blocks access to YouTube you may be able to use a proxy service to get get around the firewalls and access any website you want.

The easy way: Try Firefox to get around the firewall

"Firefox has built-in proxy connection settings"

Download FireFox now 

Try the built-in proxy connection settings with an Anonymizer service to access YouTube at school or work when it's blocked

Firefox is not affected by many network restrictions that system administrators may automatically apply to Internet Explorer every time you use it. More importantly, Firefox has built-in proxy-connection settings, which when used with settings that you can get from an anonymous web surfing or anonymizer service, can allow you to get to virtually any website you want even if it is blocked by a firewall. Firefox has several other features such as Google-integration for faster searches, automatic pop-up blockers and more. Firefox is free.

Get to You-Tube from work or school, even through a firewall by using an Anonymizer or Private web surfing site

For years internet privacy experts have been using anonymizers, Proxies, private web-surfing services and other identity hiding software or services to get to websites privately.


These anonymizers and Anonymous web surfing services are usually used to hide your tracks while surfing the internet, making it impossible for anyone to trace what web-pages you have visited - but you can also use anonymizers and proxies to access YouTube and other websites at school or work that are blocked by a firewall. These anonymous web surfing services when used together with Firefox will usually let you get around any firewall. Most web-proxy services or anonymizers are not free, but many do offer partial service for free or a free trial period, which might work for you depending on what type of firewall your school uses. You may have to try a few different internet anonymous web surfing services or proxies to see which one works best with the firewall that your school or office has. Most of these services do not require you to install any software on the computer you're using at. You simply log into their website from work or school, then use the service to get to or whatever websites your school or business firewall is blocking. You can use these services with or without Firefox.

How an anonymizer gets around a firewall

An anonymizer or Private web-surfing service gets around your school's firewall by setting up a connection between your computer and the anonymizer service or proxy, so the firewall only sees the connection from you to them. The anonymizer's computers then connect to (or Hotmail, Myspace, etc) with their internet connection and send the data back to you. To the school's firewall it looks like your computer is connecting to the proxy's web address and not

Some schools block proxys and anonymous web surfing sites, especially the free ones, so you may have to try a few to find one that works

The I.T. guys at your school or in your company's I.T. Department might be smart enough to configure their firewall to block the common proxys and private web-surfing websites and services right along with blocking Lucky for you, there are LOTS of different internet-proxy and anonymizer services to choose from! You may have to experiment with different proxies until you find one that works with the firewall settings at your school or in your office at work.

There are no guarantees when they block

You might only have to try one or two different anonyimizers or web-proxy services before you can connect to from school. You might also try 50 and never find one that works if your school's firewall is really good. The only way to find it is to try. WARNING: The use of web-proxies or anonymizers to bypass firewalls might be against the rules at your school or place of employment. If using proxies is against the rules, use them at your own risk or don't use them at all!




ya at my school both are blocked even when i used the https os what do i do then any other good suggestions :(

I got a good suggestion for you, GIVE UP & WAIT TILL YOU GET HOME! :p

http:// https:// this is how you get on

can i ask one question..... why would you want to go on facebook at school when you are MENT TO BE DOING WORK????? and do good in life???? good one. how come your so despirtite to get on myspace and facebook , youtube etc anywayys.? can you wait till you get home. what is so IMPORTANT about facebook, myspace, youtube ?

Maybe you should get back to work seeing as you cannot even spell the word "Meant"...good one buddy.

well you have to think about a persons specific situation, if you are like i was and have a free period, it would be nice to have the option to go on social networking sites or just browse vids until your free period is over. as for the doing work thing, not many students can get away with using the internet so obviously, so my guess is the teacher is letting them.

We get free time during homeroom and study time,derp.

Part of growing up is learning how to understand and follow rules. if the rules say that the people in charge do not want you to go on youtube or Facebook, then you don't do it, even in your free time, derp. If the rules say you are allowed to do whatever you want on the internet during your free time then you should report the problem. We don't get to make up the rules and change them as we see fit to meet our needs.

All proxies are blocked so download content such as videos at home.Instead of trying to unblock youtube

Actually, not technically, at my school district proxy's are created one after another, they never stop, you can never block all proxy;s because new ones are created every day, it would be a miracle from god himself if all proxy's ever were blocked off.


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