how to make my contract phone a prepaid one

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how to make my contract phone a prepaid one
I just went and bought a new cell from verizon and att and sprint, one lucid 4g by lg, and 1 viper 4g by lg and 1 samsung focus with all them having 2 year contracts, but I just want them for prepaid phones and screw the contract, How can I get sim cards for them to work, does anyone know. I would love a reply even if I did scew myself. If I can get one to work I might just give one away. Thanks



Re: how to make my contract phone a prepaid one

Were these phones subsidized? Meaning, were they very cheap/free? or did you pay the full price (probably several hundred dollars for each one)? If the phones were subsidized then the provider (AT&T, Verizon, Sprint) has paid for 3/4 to 100% of your phone and they are going to make up the money through your monthly fees. To ensure that they get their money back, you signed a contract. and since they know you will probably try to weasel out of that contract they have probably "locked" the phones to make it very difficult if not impossible to "unlock" the phones and use them on another service.

So what you would need to to is 1) come to terms with breaking your promise/contract 2) find out for each phone how to "unlock" it 3) then probably just get a new sim if you are able to unlock the phone and after you unlock it.

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