How to make my screen bigger?

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How to make my screen bigger?


You gave me information on how to remove icons on the left side of the start menu. I need to remove
items on the right side so that I can see and work with "run". It is hidden because I increased the
size of the miniscule icons. All my icons and fonts are so tiny that I can hardly read anything when
I go on line. I don't know what to do. The way my computer presents words & images makes me
feel as if I am looking out of the wrong end of a telescope.

Do you have any idea what the problem may be ? Take note that as I type this message, I can hardly
read what I am typing. It is not a font and icon problem; it is something else.




Re: How to make my screen bigger?

Peggy, there are two settings that you can try, both are in the "Display" section in Control Panel - exactly what it's called and where they are depends on your specific version of Windows.
The first setting is your screen resolution. In your Display Settings, find "Screen resolution" and adjust it to lower/less. That should make everything on the screen larger.
The second one is "Appearance" - in there find "Font Size" and change it to larger.

Hope it helps!

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