How to really delete your Facebook account

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Facebook Deletion
How to really delete your Facebook account

If you have ever tried you delete your Facebook account you know that REALLY getting it deleted is almost impossible. You can "request to delete" your Facebook account, but then Facebook keeps it 'active' for a few months, just in case you change your mind. If you log-back in during that time, your account becomes active again, and the account wont be marked for deletion anymore..

So here is how to really get it delete, or as close to possible to being deleted - LET FACEBOOK DO IT FOR YOU ..

First let a couple of real/IRL friends know what you are doing (you will need their help on the last step) ..
Delete all your old pics, videos, etc (optional)
Unfriend everyone

Now the important part: Change your Facebook-name to something offensive like, the latest mass-shooter's name, or "Hitler" or whatever offensive name or term strikes your fancy.. .. sign out of your Facebook account and kiss it goodbye..

Ask your IRL friends to report the account as "offensive" or "triggering" or whatever the current BS crying liberal snowflake term-of-the-day is, and the account will be blocked/banned/deleted.. Thanks Facebook!


Robert Allan Ripper
How to delete your Facebook

I never thought of doing this intentionally to make THEM delete the account but it actually works! A friend of mine changed his name to something really stupid (offensive to the snowflakes) last year and yup, Facebook deleted the account after less than a week!


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