How To Setup Two iCloud Accounts on an iPhone

Update September 2013 for iOS7

The instructions on this page are written specifically for iOS6.  At this time it appears that the ability to use method has been removed from iOS7

This How To article will explain how you can configure two iCloud accounts to an iPhone for the purpose of tracking that iPhone with one iCloud account, without affecting the operation of the other iCloud account configured on the iPhone.  An example of how two iCloud accounts on an iPhone would be useful would be a parent that wants to track their child's iPhone.  The child has configured the iPhone with their own iCloud account for making App Store purchases, using iCloud email, iMessages, etc.  The parent wants to track the iPhone using his or her iCloud account without the child knowing.  This requires that both the child's iCloud account and the parent's iCloud account both be configured on the iPhone, however specific steps must be taken to not interfere with the operation of the child's iCloud account.  
Applies to: iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad with iOS 5 or newer.  (Throughout this article we will refer to the devices as an iPhone)
  • In order to be tracked or located, the iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad must be powered-on and have connectivity to the internet via WiFi or 3G.  
  • You must have a (free) iCloud account
  • Accuracy of location tracking varies from a few feet to a few miles.  Generally, iCloud and Find My iPhone location tracking accuracy is very good.
Find My iPhone Disabled

WARNING:  Tracking the location of an iPhone not owned by you may be illegal, is certainly immoral, and will probably get you into trouble

For simplicity we will refer to your child's iCloud account as "Billy's iCloud account" and your (the parent's) iCloud account as "your iCloud account"

How to add a second iCloud account to your iPhone:

Presumably the iPhone will already be configured with Billy's iCloud.  The first step is to turn-off Find My iPhone under Billy's account without affecting any of his other iCloud services.
1) Tap Settings
2) Tap iCloud
3) Scroll down to "Find My iPhone" and tap it to "Off"
Find My iPhone is now Disabled under Billy's iCloud account
Now you can add a new account with your iCloud info, and activate Find My iPhone on that account:
1) Tap Settings
2) Tap Mail, Contacts, Calendars
3) Tap Add Account
4) Select (tap) iCloud
5) Enter YOUR Apple ID (iCloud username / email address)
6) Enter your iCloud password and tap Next 
on the next screen tap all items EXCEPT for Find my iPhone to OFF
Make sure that Find My iPhone is ON
Test that tracking and locating is working by going to and signing in with your iCloud account.  Click Find My iPhone, and verify that Billy's phone appears and is trackable. 
Your child's iPhone is now trackable via your iCloud account, without conflicting with his or her iCloud account.  
Now that you can track your child's iPhone, you may want to turn off notifications so that he does not know each time you use Find My iPhone to locate or track him.  By default, when you use Find My iPhone to locate the iPhone, a small arrow appears near the clock indicating that the Location Services are in use:
Find My iPhone Notification icon

How to turn off the Find My iPhone tracking notification icon:

1) Tap Settings
2) Tap Privacy
2) Tap Location Services
3) Tap Find My iPhone
4) Tap "Status Bar icon" to OFF
Now, each time you track the iPhone, the notification arrow will not appear.
Now your child's iPhone is trackable, and they will not see the notification icon on the home screen each time you track them. 
Finally, you may want to put some restrictions on the iPhone so they can't disable iPhone tracking.

Lock the settings so tracking can't be disabled:

1) Tap Settings
2) General
3) Tap Restrictions
4) Tap "Enable Restrictions"
6) On the Restrictions screen scroll down to and tap "Location"
7) On the Location screen, tap "Don't Allow Changes" and then tap "Restrictions" at the upper left to return to the previous Restrictions screen
8 ) From the Restrictions screen, Tap Accounts
9) Tap "Don't Allow Changes"
If you have followed all of the steps above you can now: Track your child's iPhone using your iCloud account without conflicting with his or her iCloud account, you have turned off the "you are being tracked right now" notification, and you have restricted the iPhone so your child cannot disable tracking.
Test everything!  Make sure you can track the iPhone on (or, by using the Find My iPhone app on your iPhone), and make sure that any iCloud services (email, iMessage, App store, iTunes, etc) works as expected with your child's iCloud account.  

Video Version

You can watch the video version of this How-To below:

If you get stuck or if something isn't working as expected, post a question in the comments below - we can help!




Hi , i'm wondering about what's going to happen when i add my iCloud account to another iphone and try to locate it. IF i turn of find my iphone on there phone and active on mine, and then somehow they turn it back on . What will happend with my location tracking of that iphone ?

I'm not really understanding your question, but it seems like you are asking what will happen if you end up having Find My iPhone active on two iPhones at the same time. If that is your question, then it is no problem. You can setup Find My iPhone on as many iPhones, iPads, iPod Touches, and Macs as you wish.

If that was not your question, then, please clarify.

Thanks a lot for replay . Sorry for my English isn't the best but ill try .
When I watch how to track somebody's iPhone video it was telling that before i add my iCloud account to someone iPhone i have to disable his find my iPhone option and then activate it on mine . I was asking that what's happend if the person turn find my iPhone option back on at his icloud and ill have it active at my iCloud add to his phone ?
Hope i didn't complicate it too much .

If they re-enabled the iCloud option in their account while it is active under the other account, they will get a message warning that if they enable it, Find My iPhone will be disabled on the other account.
You would then no longer be able to track the phone with the other (your) account.

Any news or updates on doing this for iOS 7?! This was working great before the update. And I not only could check on my 3 kids but also play the sound on their phone to get their attention. Thanks

The option has been removed in iOS 7, so i don't think there is going to be any news.
Now your options are:
1) configure the iPhones with your iCloud account
2) configure the iPhones with the child's account, and use their ID and password to sign-in and track the phones.

Hi , again a question about an two iCloud accounts but is on iOS 7 now . I Had it set up on other device befor but after update it has Show me a message that only one default iCloud account can track device (it is iPhone 5) is there any way to set up my iCloud on that device to track it location ? Im using a find my iPhone app .

When I try to disable Find My iPhone on my daughter's phone, it is asking for the Apple ID password. Can I somehow bypass that?

Ohh.. Another new feature of IOS 7 ! Yes, you can bypass that by reminding your daughter which one of you is the parent and telling her to give you the password.

Arghh!! You can't setup both accounts anymore if you upgrade to IOS 7 !


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