How To Track an iPhone From A PC

So your shiny new iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad is lost?  Or, you want to be sure you can track and find your iPhone or other iDevice if it becomes lost?  No problem! Apple makes tracking and finding your iPhone (or iPad or iPod Touch) from your PC (or Mac) easy!  And better yet, it's free!

This How To Article applies to iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch although the term iPhone may be used

Find my iPhoneWhat you will need to track your iPhone from a PC:

1) You will need to setup your free iCloud account at .  Apple makes this very easy when you setup or upgrade your iPhone.  You will not be able to find your iPhone if it becomes stolen or lost without an iCloud account!  If you choose not to create your free iCloud account and your iPhone is later stolen, you CAN NOT track it!  If you skipped setting up iCloud when you got your iPhone, just tap Settings and enable iCloud.  You your iPhone will take you through all the steps to create a new iCloud account

2) Configure iCloud and Find My iPhone.  If you do not configure Find My iPhone with your iCloud account settings, you CAN NOT track a lost or stolen iPhone!  Tap Settings, then iCloud, then scroll down to "Find My iPhone" and tap "ON" 

You MUST COMPLETE steps #1 and #2 in order to track your iPhone!  If you do not complete these steps, you will not be able to track or locate your iPhone if it becomes lost or stolen!  If you have come to this page via a search engine and you never did #1 and #2, or later deactivated Find My iPhone, your phone is gone.  Sorry!


How to Track your iPhone from your PC (or Mac!)

After setting up your free iCloud account and activating Find my iPhone on your device, it is ready to be tracked on your PC (or Mac!):

To locate your iPhone from your PC (or Mac!) open any web-browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari) and go to

iCloud Login Screen

  • At the login screen enter your iCloud user name and password (the same one you used to in steps #1 and #2, above).
  • After you are signed-in to iCloud, click the "find My iPhone" icon (you may have to re-enter your iCloud password)
  • A map will appear, and after a few moments, your iPhone location will be displayed on the map (this may take 20 seconds up to 1 or 2 minutes)
  • You can update the location of the iPhone by clicking the circle-arrow button to the right of "My Devices"
  • There is no limit to the number if iPhones, iPads, or iPod touches that can be tracked or located with Find my IPhone.  Just configure each one with the same iCloud account information

In order to track your iPhone, it must be powered-on and in range of a usable Wifi or 3G signal.  If the iPhone is not able to be tracked a message will appear indicating either "offline", "no location", or "unable to locate".  If this happens, wait a while (a few hours, or a day) and try again.  

If, after a few days it is still not located, it is possible that the battery has died, it is still out of range of WiFi or 3G service, it may have been "wiped" clean, or Find My iPhone may have been disabled.





Restoring removes everything, including your Find My iPhone settings, making it untrackable using Find my iPhone

My iPhone was stolen I would like to how to track it.

Did you read ANY of those big words on the page, right above where you posted your question? Any?

Does this still work if the iphone is updated to ios 7?

Assuming that you setup Find My iPhone before the phone was lost or stolen, it works pretty much the same on iOS 7 as it did on IOS 6. It looks a little different but works the same. It's actually better in iOS 7 because if you setup Find My iPhone, the thief can't erase the phone and resell it without your iCloud password.

I lost my Iphone 4S though have tried to call ist off.I had installed ICloud in it.Is it possible to trace it?

If iCloud and Find My Iphone were properly configured and if the phone is powered on and able to connect to the internet via WiFi or 3G, then, yes.

i have lost my iphone3g last night. is there anyway possible to find it via number or apple id. i have tried calling it it is switched off and dont have icloud on my phone.

No. Find My iPhone was your only hope. But since you never bothered to set it up, your phone is now gone forever unless someone finds it and returns it to you. If you can afford to replace it, do yourself a favor and take the 1.5 minutes it takes to setup up iCloud this time..

can you still find a phone if they have the find my phone tracking off


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