How to Turn Off an iPhone Without the Power Button

Updated November 2015 for iOS 9

To use Assistive touch to turn off your iPhone without the power button on iOS 9 scroll to the bottom for instructions

Based on the number of questions and comments posted in our forums, turning off or restarting an iPhone with a broken power button (the top button) seems to be a common question and issue.  So here is our quick-list of ways that you can restart your iPhone or turn off your iPhone if your power button is broken or not working.

Broken iPhone - No Power Button !How to Restart an iPhone with no top power button (no jailbreak):

Any of these methods will resart your iPhone without using the Power Button on top

  1. On the iPhone tap SETTINGS, General, Reset, Reset All Network Settings (note that this will erase VPN and WiFi settings or passwords) 
  2. Wait for the battery to drain
  3. Plug in your iPhone to your Mac/PC with iTunes and choose "restore" (not recommended but it does the job)

How to turn off an iPhone with no power button or a broken power button (no jailbreak):  

  • Enable Assistive Touch:  Tap SETTINGS, General, Accessibility, AssistiveTouch (near the bottom) and tap AssistiveTouch to ON.  You will now notice a small dark square with a circle in the middle (you can move this square anywhere).  Tap the dark circle to open the assistiveTouch menu, then tap Device and tap and HOLD the Lock Screen icon.  This will bring up the iPhone's Power-Off slider - no need for a power button any longer!  **Voted Best Method to turn off an iPhone with a broken power button

How to turn off an iPhone without the power button (Jailbroken):

  • Install SB Settings, "Shutdown", or "Lock" to power off the iPhone 
  • Enable Assistive Touch described above


How to turn on an iPhone with no top power button:

Now you've got your iPhone turned off, but if your power button is broken how do you turn it back on?  

  • Plug the iPhone into a power source such as your computer or iPhone wall-charger

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iOS 7, iOS 8, and iOS 9 update:

Turn turn off your iPhone with no top pwer button using Assistive Touch on iOS 7, IOS 8, & iOS 9:

  • Enable Assistive Touch in Settings | General | Accessibility | Assistive Touch
  • Tap the round Assistive Touch button
  • Tap "Device" 
  • Tap and HOLD "Lock Screen" - after holding for approximatly 5 seconds, the "slide to power off" option will appear

This is basically the same as it is in iOS 7, iOS 8 and iOS 9 as it was for iOS 6

How to turn the phone back on:

Plug it in to a power source and the phone will turn back on.


Great tip! Except that reboot <> 'turn off'

I just want to say thanks for posting this helpful tutorial. I too was worried that my iPhone 4 wouldn't turn on after I tried this tip. It turns out I was worried for nothing - my iPhone turned right back on when I connected it to my MacBook. Now I can hold off on my upgrade. Thanks again!

i have one hand and was wondering how to reboot although i have assistive toch i cant hold both the home and lock buttons at the same time what do i do

Hi, My iphone randomly turned off last night and when I plug it into the computer nothing happened. I have looked on many forums but i have assisyive touch as my lock button does not work and itunes wont recognise it. Please help me im very worried!

If the iPhone just randomly shut down, and when you plug it in, nothing happens, about the only thing I know of trying is to leave it plugged-in for a while in the hopes that the battery was just completely dead.
If after leaving it plugged in for a while, it still does not turn on, I'm afraid there isn't anything that anyone can do to help you.

how do you turn it on if you don't have the charger with you. especially if you tried using the Assistive touch button to turn it off.

If the power button is broken, and you have nothing to plug it into a power source, then you don't turn it on.

what if my iphone is too old for assistive touch?

My iPhone is stuck on a white screen.. I can see the time and the battery life on the top as well as the 3G stuff and network. But I had downloaded the cocoppa app, and when i tried one of the icons, it put my phone to a white screen. How can i exit out? My power button doesnt work so i cant just reset it.. Should i just let it die out and wait for it to restart? Does anyone else have any other options?


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