How To Use an Autoresponder - For Internet Marketing Beginners

Did you ever wonder how people send out these promotional emails and newsletters to you?  They use an autoresponder.  These are simple yet effective email programs that allow people to broadcast bulk email messages to other people.

One of the biggest problems though is that most people that market online are told to go out and sign up for an autoresponder so they can build a list of subscribers to promote to, but they are never told how to use one effectively to pull in sales.  This is one of the primary reasons you get a ton of spam in your inbox.

If you are new to using autoresponders or building a list of subscribers, try these simple tips.  They will help you build a good solid relationship with your readers, and eventually give you a steady recurring income stream that you can earn from each week for years to come.

1)    When you write your first sequence of emails to your subscribers, don’t promote anything to them until that sixth or seventh broadcast.  Instead, give them some meat and potatoes to read.  Write something fresh and innovative that will help them either build their business, or solve a problem.

Ever list you build is targeted for a specific niche whether it be Internet Marketing, home based businesses, weight loss, pets, etc …, so write content about that specific niche that your readers can enjoy and apply.

Do not waste their time and yours by sending drivel or rehashed information, and don’t shove promotions down their throat.  Remember, you are trying to build loyalty, credibility, and get the clicks in the end.  If they unsubscribe before you get sales, that’s a good indication that you are not delivering what they thought they signed up for.  Each reader that signs up to your list is looking for something they can use, so give it to them. 

2)     After the sixth or seventh edition, simply start adding some products or services in the broadcasts that relate to what you are writing about.  It helps to write about how much such and such product or service helped you to do whatever you needed to get done. It’s almost like writing a review of a product, but not exactly. 

Write like you know your readers, and go beyond a standard review.  Like I mentioned earlier, give them meat and potatoes that satisfy, but leaves each subscriber hanging wanting more.

3)    Do not promote in every message you send at this point.  Mix it up a bit by giving them free information and say reports or other free stuff.  If you happen to be a good writer, write a short report about your subject and give it out as a special gift to your readers.  You can always add affiliate links in the report. 

Over-delivering will always get you more in the end.  A marketer I know fairly well always says, “Them that gives gets!”  And I found that he is right.  It works every time.

Once you get the hang of feeding people first, there’s no stopping you.  There is an enormous amount of potential in a simple little autoresponder, and most people who use them, use them unwisely. 
Don’t you be the next sucker that has to throw away a good list because your members are unresponsive, and you’re not making the income you want.

To your success always …
Mary Murtha

Mary Murtha is well respected in the marketing arena who authored many articles, 3 ebooks, 18 short how to reports, and created 2 scripts.  She delights in helping people and watching them grow.
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