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Get Notified Of Someone's Location With Your iPhone

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Want to know where someone is, when somone arrives or when someone leaves a particular location? The Find Friends app, free in iOS can do this and even more, and is simple to setup and use.

How to fix iCloud: Unable to open document error

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If you are using a Mac with any version of OS X new enough to have iCloud integration you are probably taking adavantage of iCloud's "cloud" for your files.  This includes Yosemite and El Capitan. 

With icloud or iCloud drive enabled your iCloud-enabled apps on your Mac, iPhone, or iPad can seemlessly share files via "the cloud" (the "i"-cloud).  The means that you can edit a spreadsheet on your Mac, then open it on your iPad and continue editing. No need to worry about "where" to save the file or using "Save AS" - iCloud does all of the thinking for you, worry-free. Or is it?

How To Turn Off Facebook Location Tracking On Your iPhone

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Like millions of other Facebook users, you probably use the Facebook App on your smart phone. But did you know that Facebook can track your every move? That's right. Every place you go, every time you go, Facebook can track your location and store that history of where you've been, forever. Facebook provides your location information to advertisers, local businesses, "Friends", and, when faced with a court-order or Law Enforcement Request, the police, or the government.

How To Get More Storage On Your iPhone For Free

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Is your iPhone running low on memory but you're not yet ready to spend the money to upgrade to a new 128GB iPhone 6? Or maybe you already have an iPhone 6 but you've already filled it up!  These quick easy tips can free up gigabytes of your iPhone's memory, for free!

Chrome Is Slow: Resolving DNS

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Applies to: Google Chrome web browser, most versions.  Windows & Mac / OS X

Google Chrome Logo

Google Chrome is a great internet web browser and most people use it every day without any issues, but as with any computer program, Chrome is not perfect.

IOS : Find On Page in Safari

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In this How-To article and very short corresponding video, we show you how to find the "Find on This Page" option while using Safari with iOS 7.Missing "find on page" on Milk Carton

How To Get Better Search Results When Searching Online

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At this point pretty much everyone online has used Google or Bing or another search engine a countless number of times. Unfortunately one problem that a lot of people run into is that they simply cannot find the page or information they're looking for. This quick How-To guide should give you a good idea of how to improve the results you are getting, no matter what search engine you use.

How To Add More Fingerprints To Your iPhone

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In this How To article and corresponding video (below) we will show you how easy it is to store more fingerprints in your iPhone 5S, how to edit the name of the stored fingerprints, and how to delete previously stored finger prints.

Applies to: iPhone 5S or newer, iOS 7 or higher

How To Make The Text Larger On iOS 7

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 Applies to: iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, running iOS 7

Apple has added two simple settings to iOS 7 that make it easy to make your text larger and easier to read.  If you have trouble reading that tiny, light text on your iPhone or iOS 7 device, this is how you can make it easier to read:


How To Turn On Automatic App Updates in iOS 7

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iOS 7 Automatic updates settingsThis article applies only to iOS 7 and will discuss:

  • What are automatic app updates
  • How to turn on or deactivate automatic updates for apps
  • What is the blue dot next to my app icon?
  • How to see what apps have been updated




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