Upload Pictures To Facebook From Your Mobile Phone

Facebook offers an easy way to upload mobile photos straight to your Facebook account via email. I like it better than going into the iPhone Facebook app and hitting upload photo then selecting the photo then blah blah blah. With the email option I take a photo, hit the thumbnail from my camera app, hit email, then start to type Facebook, then hit send and it adds it to my Mobile uploads. It's fast and easy. So let's set it up.

Log into Facebook and click settings.

From there click the Mobile tab.

Now click the link on the right to go to Facebook Mobile.


Now click send me my Mobile email.

Now from my iPhone I open up contacts and create a new contact. I named it Facebook mobile upload. I added the unique upload email address and hit save. Now when I go to email a photo I just start typing Facebook into the contact field and it pulls up the Facebook upload email address then I hit send. In mere seconds the photo is in my Mobile uploads. This can also be done from a computer through regular email if say you're at work and Facebook is blocked but you just have to get that photo posted right now!

Parting notes. Keep in mind that this is a unique email address and it will not make any sense as it pertains to you. This is a good thing. You wouldn't want you nemesis uploading embarrassing pictures into your uploads now would you? So keep it protected.





i'm glad you posted this PiZ! when i discovered the new T-Mobile text feature w/Facebook, I also activated the email feature & use it often. <-- but, i only thought the email feature was new to T-Mobile.

and you're right! when i read the email address they assigned me, i thought it was a mistake so i removed & tried again.....3 x's before i got a clue ;)


do you know any web sits to put my moble pics on my computer


Here's a neat trick for getting the full resolution photo sent from iPhone only. Also for sending multiple photos in one email to your mobile uploads. From your camera roll click the share button. Then just touch once on each photo you wish to upload. now click copy. Close the camera roll and open email. Compose a new email using your previously saved Facebook upload email as the recipient. Touch in the email body and select paste. Hit send and away you go. Just hitting share sends a lower resolution photo.

I don't want to die without any scars. 

how do I upload my pics to my moble phone

TO your phone? I'm not sure you can, but it depends on what brand & model phone you have.
To upload pics FROM your phone to Facebook, it's usually easiest to use the Facebook mobile app for your particular phone.

Thank you - i've been looking for how to do this!

If you're having difficulties to memorize the email address or don't have email apps on your mobile phone, you can go straight from your mobile phonse browser to access http://FaceBook.brainwares.com
You can upload pictures/videos from there.

Can't upload pictures from iPhone to face book


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