Free eMail help - Where can I get free email?

Where to get a free eMail account

Getting a free eMail account is easy. Many web-sites offer free web-based email accounts. Most people stick with one of the big 3, Google, Yahoo, and MSN/Hotmail. All of the big 3 offer free web-based email, large amounts of storage space, and decent "per message" size limits. Any of the three should suit most users needs.

Use a free eMail account instead of your ISP's email

Most ISP's (Internet Service Provider) offer at least one email account with their service, but using your ISP's eMail may not be a good idea.
Suppose your ISP is "company X" and you use the email they provide you, so your email address is '[email protected]'. Now, just suppose that one day out of the blue CompanyX sends you a letter that they're raising their prices.. Or, suppose Company X's service suddenly goes down the tubes.. Whatever the reason, you decide to change from Company X's internet service to Company Y's new, faster cheaper internet service.

Suddenly your eMail address is no good

So now you've changed to Company Y. Faster internet and lower prices, but now your '[email protected]' email address is invalid! You have to setup a new eMail account, '[email protected]', notify everybody that you know that you now have a new email address, and hope that you don't forget anyone. But what happens if you decide you don't like Company Y's service and you switch back to Company X, or you want to try Company A now?

Get a free Hotmail, GMail, or Yahoo eMail account and keep the same eMail address forever!

If you sign up for a Hotmail, Gmail or Yahoo eMail account you can change Internet Service Providers as often as you like, and never worry about having to change your eMail address again. You can virtually have the same email address for the rest of your life! That is, assuming Yahoo, Google or Hotmail stay in business and continue to offer free email (not even I can see that far into the future).

Try a free eMail account, it doesn't cost a thing!

You can try one of the free web-based eMail services and see if it suits your needs. You can access your eMail from any computer (Apple Macintosh or Windows) in the world as long as it's connected to the internet, with no special software required, it's safe, and best of all, it's free!

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