HP Stream and latest Win10 update

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HP Stream and latest Win10 update

I have an 2016 HP Stream 14" laptop which can not update new and supposedly critical information.

My understanding is that the anniversary update, 1607, for Windows 10 actually needs to either be deleted or copied to an external device of either a flash drive or external hard drive before there is enough space for windows 10 update, 1709. My problem is that I have no idea how to do either. I don't save music, pictures or documents on my laptop so I don't know what I'm saving but I was told to do so from tech services at a store called Fry's Electronics because they found a lot of flaws with that update.

It's been almost four months since the update came out so I'd like to assume that the bugs are out but I still need to do something to free up space. I like the computer, it's lightweight and fast but I'm afraid to use it without the updates.

SO, how do I delete 1607 to make room for 1709? Do I just go to add/delete and delete it? Please help this non tech person.


Re: HP Stream and latest Win10 update

Some updates cannot be deleted in Windows. If you go into the Updates section (hidden in Control panel somewhere) you should see a list of all updates - if it is removable, there should be a "delete" or "remove" button next to it. If not, then there is no easy/end-user way to delete it.

But if the issue is due to storage space, there is probably a whole lot of other krap that you could get rid of that is a lot safer to delete than a Windows update (because there is a good chance that the computer gets borked deleting a Windows Update)...

Start by uninstalling all of the programs that you dont use, emptying the Recycle-Bin, making SURE you dont have any photos, music or videos stored on the hard-drive, and deleting all of your Web browser cache.

You can google the exact steps to do any of these things but if you still do not know what you are doing you may want to consider professional help or asking the local computer-geek kid in your neighborhood to do it for you.

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