HSUS/PETA tax exempt status and the book they don't want you to read.

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for what its worth
HSUS/PETA tax exempt status and the book they don't want you to read.

I'm likely to start WW3 with this post, but I'm a firm believer in presenting all sides to a story so people can make their own informed decision.

HSUS and PETA are very well known.  They do an exceptional job of marketing themselves under the guise of Animal Rights.  I am posting this info b/c most people don't know this side of HSUS and PETA. 

Please know that Animal Rights is NOT the same as Animal Welfare.  Animal rights enthusiasts place animal life equal to or above human life and they want to end all "exploitation" of animals (companionship, entertainment, food source, etc).  Animal welfare supporters wish to prevent cruelty and suffering of animals, and provide care for those in need.

The following links direct you to sites that explain why the respective tax exempt statuses of HSUS and PETA should be investigated and/or removed.  As mentioned in another forum post, HSUS and PETA do not use funds as they advertise they do.  Money of hard working animal lovers should not be abused by these groups.  It matters not if we own purebred dogs or pound puppies, we want our donations to actually care for animals in need, not used for various criminal activities (please visit the links b/c if I were to list everything here, this post would be very long!).  We also don't want our donations used to promote legislature to remove our rights as animal owners!

HSUS:  www.thepetitionsite.com/1/call-to-action-hsus-needs-to-be-investigated

PETA:  www.consumerfreedom.com/article_detail.cfm/article/154

The book HSUS and PETA don't want you to read:  consumerfreedom.com/article_detail.cfm.  Why don't they want you to read it?  Because pet overpopulation isn't the problem they say it is.  I find it interesting that HSUS and PETA both appear to oppose no-kill shelters. 

I know some feel adopting from a shelter is the only way to go, and I know others are fans of purebred animals from private breeders or breed rescue groups.  Either way, the bottom line is that regardless of where the animal came from, HSUS and PETA aren't using our donations to care for the animals that need our help.






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Re: HSUS/PETA tax exempt status and the book they don't ...

Great post! HSUS and Wayne Pacelle needs to be stopped! Only 4 cents of every HSUS donation dollar goes to ANY hand-on animal care. The only thing Wayne Pacelle cares about is Wayne Pacelle and his future political career (that's right Wayne, the news is out, be careful who you trust), not about the animals we love so much. ALWAYS donate to your local shelter, NEVER to the Humane Society of the United States. There is nothing humane about HSUS. Look at the HSUS tax returns posted on their site. You will see where the money is REALLY going. And by the way, nice raise you gave yourself Wayne Pacelle! Almost a quarter million dollar salary and perks! Thanks Wayne!

for what its worth
Re: HSUS/PETA tax exempt status and the book they don't ...

Thanks for your post and for encouraging the support of local shelters!

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Re: HSUS/PETA tax exempt status and the book they don't ...

 I hate PETA. Yah i said it- HATE. I hate everything they stand for, and every psychopath who is a devout PETA member. no, i dont hate the casual member who didnt even know what s/he was signing up for. PETA does more harm than good! There are so many awful things PETA has done- none of which help animals! They are extremists and that truly disgusts me. They are terrorists right here in America. They have 'proudly' burned down research labs- WITH ANIMALS INSIDE- and have zero regard for human life.




http://www.consumerfreedom.com/pressrelease_detail.cfm/release/258     ----> New: Peta Killed 95% of animals in its care in 2008. Way to go!


"If lightning strikes twice, I dont want to be standing next to you! "

for what its worth
Re: HSUS/PETA tax exempt status and the book they don't ...

LOL "hate" is a strong word for me; can I just say I dislike them immensely?  :)  PETA has done some good things, but like you said overall they have done more harm than good...honestly thought I think they put on the eccentric display to take the attention off of HSUS...HSUS seems "normal" compared to PETA and I think they do that on purpose...

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Re: HSUS/PETA tax exempt status and the book they don't ...

Just to be fair.


They profit from the harm that comes to animals and humans as a result of the consumption of animals.

Because I can't speak for them. I'll let her talk.


I know Wikipedia should be taken with a grain of salt and it is. I liked this because it does address some charges of animal abuse and how it was handled. You'll have to scroll down.


I will say in full disclosure that I am Vegan. I am completely against the unnecessary loss of any life. I do not donate money to any animal rights groups. I have participated in educational peaceful protests. I understand the views of hardline individuals that feel the need to destroy property and free animals even though I would never do that. No group is perfect. No organization is completely free from corruption. Any group can be infiltrated and sabatoged. Every one has their own propaganda. This makes the choices of individuals a lot harder. First and foremost people should think locally. Change on the local level is the second easiest to secure. Personal change is the easiest. You don't have to support any orginazation to make a difference. Adopt an animal form a local rescue group. Encourage others to do the same. Educate yourself on issues and just remember that no matter which side you are on not everything "your side" tells you is the honest truth. Should PETA be tax exempt? I don't think they should. Should they fund whomever they feel needs/deserves it?  That's up to them and their donors.

When I wore a younger man's clothes I would get pretty worked up over things. Now I take most things at what they are, change what I can and move on.

I don't want to die without any scars. 

for what its worth
Re: HSUS/PETA tax exempt status and the book they don't ...

I have no problem with the humane euthanization of animals, when that is the best option for them, but I do have a problem with PETA euthanizing perfectly adoptable pets.  It's hard to believe that other shelters are able to either find homes for their animals (or send them to areas that don't have enough pets to meet demand), but it saddens me that PETA puts down the majority (I think it's 97%?) of the animals they take in.  It makes me more sad they prey on people's emotions to encourage them to give money but don't use the funds to actually help the animals that need it.  Between HSUS and PETA they have the money to help fund the shelters that need help.  But they don't do it.  Why not?  I just don't get it.

I do agree that no organization is completely free of corruption and that people should think locally.  I encourage people to support local shelters but I also support a person's right to acquire a pet from where they want to (why are ALL breeders considered "bad guys" when responsible breeders insist their dogs are brought back if for any reason the buyer can't keep them?).

As far as CCF, I realize they represent the restaurant business and of course their site will be geared to protect the interests of those they represent (just as PETA and HSUS do for their supporters).  I respect the decision of someone choosing to be vegan/vegetarian but hope they also respect my decision eat what I choose (not insinuating you were disrespectful p; your post was very respectful and fair - thank you!).


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Re: HSUS/PETA tax exempt status and the book they don't ...

HSUS is a complete fraud. Don't believe me? Look at their IRS tax returns to see where the money is really going. It's disgusting. Now they are begging for 25,000 dollars for their campaign against IHOP? Are you kidding me? They have a yearly 100,000,000 dollar operating budget not to mention 200,000,000 dollars in cash reserves. Again, LOOK AT THEIR IRS TAX RETURNS FOR THE REAL STORY HERE.(name calling edited out by moderator)

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