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html code boxes

I'm sorry if this has already been asked on here but I have been searching all over google and I can't seem to find a code that works! I'm looking for some codes that make a scrolling box that you can put codes in so people can copy n paste the code but every code that I find that claims to do it like (textarea) they just come up as dots. I use Firefox to so I don't know if that's why or what? Can someone help me out here. lol Usually I can find stuff like this on my own and I'm pretty good at it but not this time around I guess. lol



Re: html code boxes

Maybe you're doing it wrong?? How about showing the code you're using?

I just tried the following in firefox and it worked fine (I inserted a code string to make sure it would show coding correctly) but it was small:

<textarea>CODE HERE</textarea>

I also found that the following works if you want to size adjust (change the rows and cols numbers)... if your code goes beyond that it becomes a scroll box:

<textarea cols="60" rows="6" onfocus=";"> CODE HERE </textarea>

I did have some issues with the following type textarea code, so I suggest trying one of the above and NOT the following:

<textarea name="CODE HERE" cols="40" rows="4"></textarea>

I don't know why the last one caused problems... tried different codes, acted differently each time... *shrugs*


Re: html code boxes

I've tried those codes and for some reason I keep getting dots.

I'm trying to use this code so when I make layouts I can just post them in my blogs since Skem9 isn't working right now. I don't know why the codes aren't working for me. I've tried using just a normal code to and it still doesn't work.

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