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Html editor

 Hey guys,

I need some help...again. I'm using an HTML editor to insert a snippet of code into the body of  some material. When I add the code, instead of posting to the web, it posts to a file, and from there I'm not sure what to do. When I look at the preview, it looks just the way I want it to, but like I said, it's in a file instead of a website. For the life of me, I cannot figure out what to do next. Anybody got any ideas? Thanks...juliek



Re: Html editor

you want it to post on the web, right?

try writing html on your notepad.

'Save as' index.html.

you have to click the 'files types' before you save it as html. it works better if you put quotes around your filename like "index.html".
now double click this file. your IE should open it. otherwise open your IE, Click File>Open>Browse and select this file.



Re: Html editor

When you are using the editor are you 'logging in' to the web-server and opening/creating the file?

With most HTML editors you have to "post" or "publish" your content to the web server - which will require you to log-in to that particular system/web server. And this will only work if the particular system/web server you are publishing to is configured to allow this. Otherwise, if you hit 'save' you will just get an HTML file on your desktop which as you see, does not do anyone much good.

If you are still trying to use (you were asking about that a few weeks ago) then it has it's own, web-based editor and you cannot use a PC-based HTML editor.

If you give us more details of exactly what you are trying to do, what system, etc, I can try to help more.

Re: Html editor

 Thanks guys, I appreciate the help. yeah Hubby, I am still trying to get this up and running. I've started blogging and I can get set up with the code to use adsense (which is the code snippet I had to insert in the page source), and I can get a preview of my blog and it displays correctly; but I cannot, for the friggin' life of me get it to post to the web. I haven't tried 2na's suggestion, but I'm going to try that now. So right now I'm trying to put adsense on my page. The url is Then I'm supposed to place the code for adsense in the body of the source. I have been trying to use a html web kit. I guess I should be trying to use the editor?!?Well, here I go again...julie

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