I dont have my administrator password

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I dont have my administrator password

I have a pc from my office (my own business) with XP. I had the pc on a network. The IT guy I hired to install the system setup an administrator password for the computer but i don't know what it is. I am now trying to give this pc to my kids and set it up, but can't do much without the administator password. I assume you can't change it, but is there a way I can wipe it out. To make matters worse, the pc I have doens't have a cd rom drive and when I plug in an external drive the bios doesn't see it. Can someone help here?



Re: I dont have my administrator password

I've never used an external CD drive, so I'm not sure why it won't show. It's probably a cable or jumper issue, or maybe dead.  Make sure everything is connected tightly and the jumper pin (if it has one) is correct.  But if you can't get it to show, you can get an internal for under $30.  I'm not sure if there's any way to retreive the password, but if you get your drive going, you can reinstall XP.

Re: I dont have my administrator password

We are not allowed to post links to anything that's "hackerish" on here, and cracking the password would be considered to fall into that category-even though it's your own pc.

That being said--there are people on here who could help you out-but can't post anything in the forums that would break the rules. In order to do that, they have to be able to contact you through the contact form-but you have to turn on your contact form first, in order to get any help.

Re: I dont have my administrator password

are you sure theres a password? you can try safe boot and log in as admin. by default theres no password.

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