I got banned from Facebook!

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I got banned from Facebook!

I was banned by Facebook and I get the message "you cannot open the account now"

My story is that I changed my date of birth into 2016 to not receive messages from strangers, Facebook detected me! And they disabled my account! I wasn't using my real name...they asked for my ID. I thought they will open it to me and force me to use my real name.. They answered me and asked for the same name of the ID.

I opened another Facebook account, and all was fine and I was even less active. Facebook doesn't permit to open a Facebook if you are under the age of 14. I read their regulations just after that ... So I used another fake name and I blocked messages and ( add button ) to make sure I talk to no one and I looked for the pages I liked... After ten days the second account was disabled!

I was detected by my ip address! Disabling an account on face book for such reasons is ridiculous ... I did no harm, I want to use FaceBook alone. I don't have friends on my FaceBook they are spying me, comparing themselves with me... What shall I do? I delete them while they work with me ? I fight with them? Or what?! I opened a new FaceBook to be more safe! To live in peace ...

I hate FaceBook now, what's more I saved there my personal photos.... They blocked it to me. I have no souvenir for the 5 last years of my life...

I won't cry so much, but anyone who will read this. Stop using FaceBook... It did destroyed my life att some point, I will concentrate in my person, take care of my health body, read, play run, write without showing up..

They ended my electronic life, but I am still alive and I can achieve more

Facebook team, I hate you! If you don't about someone , you can spy him or her, check the messages, the wall , comments, the post... No harm, means all is safe.

I'm seeing this and I'm saying I'm officially disconnected from the world. Why should I know everything ? I want to live in peace... To forget and make people forget about me.

Good luck to all, and I confirm by this, FaceBook can detect the ip and prevent you from using other accounts.


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