I have been stalked for 3 years

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I have been stalked for 3 years

hi. I have been stalked for over 3 years. It started off with txt messages from pay as you go phones. The police could not trace them ( or wouldnt). My partner and I change our numbers and phones and still they text. Then it changed to hacking into my Facebook. Even with txt message login security etc, they still managed to gain access to my account.
I believe they have hacked my phone as they seem to know all my conversations (txt msgs). they then send me messages from my girlfriend's account acting like her ( when its 100% not). The police seem to be doing nothing as they don't believe me. Can anyone help me as after 3 years off this im going insane.

is there anyway off tracking if my phone has been hacked without wiping my phone and also can I trace where these Facebook messages are coming from?

someone please help



Richie Poor
Re: I have been stalked for 3 years

Any security expert or maybe even mobile phone expert can tell you if your phone has been hacked but it wont be free and unless you are a expert you cant do it yourself.

Facebook can tell you what IP address the Facebook messages are coming from but they won't do it without a law enforcement request or court order. You will then have to track down the company that owns the IP address and get a court order to force them to tell you who the customer is using that IP address.

You could switch to a regular "dumbphone" which is not hackable or you could just ignore it.

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