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okay, now this is one thing i never dreamt i'd be reading on a forum on  the GuG site, (when i first discovered it), after i discovered it , nothing surprises me! now, i have a major thing for the people who have OCD-like traits. i guess mostly because i have always been so sloppy...not a neat freak at all, but i love that other people are! I have only just now begun to cooperate with my husband about putting the tp on the roll the way he likes it.

what i do have is a thing about  spelling, proper grammar, and tha proper use of words! i have a thing for a guy who can really belt out a song, especially "God Bless America"! men's chests and a beautiful 6 pack! now... that was truly fulfilling!!! orgasmic even!LOL..juliek

Re: I Have This "Thing" For...

~for men with long hair, the curlier the better.  For those who have seen pics of my boyfriend, you know what I'm talking about.  If not, think  Slash.  Yum.

~Yarn.  I can spend an entire day in a good quality yarn store.  Hours have been lost, just wandering the aisles of A.C. Moore, fondling all the soft, yummy goodness.  I currently have 2 gigantic laundry sacks filled with unused yarn, just waiting for inspiration.  I know I don't actually need more yarn, but alas, one afternoon last week, I found bunches and bunches of Lion Brand Yarn in the dollar store, and just couldn't stop myself.  I had to call a cab home, my bag was way to big to carry on the bus.  Embarassed

~2na, you can keep your folded potato chips, just give me those dark, slightly burnt ones.  Boyfriend knows that those are mine, he'll even bring a bag of chips leftover from his lunch home for me if he noticed a lot of burnt ones in there.

~Butterflies.  They're all over my apartment, cut from glass and hanging in a corner, candleholders, etched into the top of boxes, you name it, there's a butterfly in almost every area of my apartment.  My first tattoo was a butterfly, and my second one will be, as soon as my friend draws it for me.

~Denim.  LOVE it!  One of my happier moments over the last few weeks was when I found a denim sofa cover in the new thrift store in my neighborhood for $3.00!  Now I just need to find covers for my 2 armchairs, and I'll be ecstatic. 

~Decorative boxes and baskets.  They've become an absolute necessity in this tiny apartment, helps keep all of our little loose odds and ends contained.  There are pretty boxes and baskets on almost every flat surface in here, every last one of them hiding a little mini-mess.

~Fire.  Candles, oil lamps, doesn't matter, as long as there's a flame burning somewhere.  Don't get me wrong, the scents are nice, but for me, it's all about fire. 


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Re: I Have This "Thing" For...

I am so weird...maybe picky...lolLaughing

I have these things that...

  • i have to spread jelly, butter, or any kind of spread on bread evenly and lightly, but not too lightly.
  •  i have to sleep 10 hours to be okay, but lately I havent been able to sleep
  • i have to apply my eyeliner equally and evenly to both eyes. If I can't, I start all over...it could take 30min.
  • the lids on things NEED to be closed (ex: soda and shampoo)

I had several more but since I have become so busy, I don't bother anymore.

 For example: I hated

  • unwrapped food(open package of sandwich meat or wide open bag of chips)
  • raw chicken on a counter
  • piles on laundry left for a week 
Re: I Have This "Thing" For...


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Re: I Have This "Thing" For...

I have a desert spoon. It's a tea spoon with a long handle.  I prefer it for ice cream, soy yogurt etc.....

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Re: I Have This "Thing" For...

Is it like an iced tea spoon? I love those!

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Re: I Have This "Thing" For...

An ice tea spoon indeed. I don't know what I'll do if it ever gets lost. I've had it for years.  

"I'm just like you only shorter."


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definitely have a thing for........ a "bottle" of coke, original, with salted peanuts in it.

definitely have a thing for........milk and coke on ice!

definitely have a thing for........creamy peanut butter on toast. melty hot.


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starbucks chai latte with a pump of mocha

designer shoes

benefit eye bright make up pencil 

filling out a ballot and putting money on the oscars EVERY YEAR!

poppy varieties

popsicles on the porch with th boys on a sunny afternoon

upping my GuG points! 

Re: I Have This "Thing" For...

Shoes!!!  Well to be more specific  I love high heels!!!  3-4 inches.  Yummyyyyyyy  Of course at the opposite end of that spectrum I also love flip flops!!!  I have to buy like 15 pairs or more every summer!!!  Ok fine I love all shoes this winter we were into the ballerina flats so we(my daughter and I) have like 5 pairs of those which reminds me I had some great mules I have to go dig out of my closet from last summer!!!!!!!  Ok yeah I think I'm getting myself excited....ROFL!!


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