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memory lane! i remember those too for what its worth.


and i remember......friday nights were to die for with the line up of fantasy island and love boat! "da plane da plane!"

then the "midnight special" with the host wolfman jack!

i remember american bandstand on saturday mornings when dick clark was just a young lad!

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Re: I Remember When....

Also on Friday.... The Partridge Family and The Odd Couple  *scrunches down*

for what its worth
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<giggle> which M & M flavor is Tattoo's fav? The plain! The plain! hahaha sorry couldn't resist...

How could I forget the band-stand (band-stand...)?!?

And American Top 40 with Casey Casum (sp?)

Re: I Remember When....

......when pop rocks first came out, and bubblicious gum. there was no other gum or candy like them on the shelves! it was actually cool to be seen with it. we would leave early in the morning before school to hit the minute mart for our candy fix. 

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for what its worth
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LOL we were talking about pop rocks the other day - a friend gave some to her dog and he loved them.  How messed up is that?  I introduced my son to them and he loves them too.  Kinda neat when your fav candy from grade school makes a comeback in time for him to try it!

Re: I Remember When....

 I remember  10 cent phone calls in a  phone booth that had a phone book and a door that closed. Well, okay, maybe the phone book was gone (stolen), but the door still worked...sometimes.

Re: I Remember When....

...the version of AOL 2.0

...watching Nickalodeon when it had cool shows: Clarissa Explains it All; Are you Afraid of The Dark?; Pete and Pete; Ren and Stimpy; Rocko's Modern Life; Hey Arnold; Rugrats; and Ahh! Real Monsters!

...when The CW was The WB and when my9 was UPN.

...when Star Jones was fat

...when Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston were a couple.

...before caller ID, and automated voicemails

...when I had a pager and everyone had their codes: 911 (mom) 143 (former love) 411 (bff) ...


....when everything was just more simpler..aw :-(



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Re: I Remember When....

i remember pogs (those round things we traded and cllected)
rockos modern life
ren and stimpy
frank zappa
fireside theater ( radio program)
when pagers were awesome
roller skates with 2 wheels on each side
pokemon lol
saturday morning cartoons
... when pentium 1 was the sh!t
... the drinks surge and tang
boom boxes
Windows 95 was the best.
"Talk to the hand"
those little paper fortune cookie things
Super Nintendos and Sega Genisis
ending a sentence with the word "PSYCHE!

holy crap ik gettin old lol

Re: I Remember When....

...when Prodigy was just about the only internet provider around.


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Re: I Remember When....

I remember...

  • The laser disk player we had in science class. Not a CD or DVD player. Laser disk, they were the size of a vinal record.
  • I could probably take you to the exact spot where I heard for the 1st time that Windows 95 allowed you to save a file with a name up to 256 characters long Surprised. That was freaking HUGE news for me.
  • I remember talking to my dad about how much hd space he'd need for a new computer. He asked if 1 Gb would be enough. I started laughing and said if he could get 1 Gb of hd space he'd never have to upgrade it again. And at the time I meant it.
  • I remember the magazine "Nintendo Power". Every two months I'd be checking the mail box 3 times a day to see if my new copy came in.
  • When people were patient enough to wait 2 months for anything.
  • Having to put line numbers on any programs I wrote (Basic)
  • My Apple 2 E. That thing was freaking awesome! Well except for the line numbers of course ;)
  • Having the HUGEST crush on Kelly from Saved By The Bell.
  • When calculator watches were cool.
  • MC Hammer pants. "Two legit to quit"
  • The Super Mario Brother cartoon and how on Fridays it was Zelda instead. I loved Fridays just for that reason.
  • Captain N the cartoon.


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