iCloud: A Cheater's Nightmare



Apple released iCloud for Mac, PC and iOS5 devices this week and after only a few days, millions of users have already started using the service.  However two features of the new iCloud service could cause big problems for anyone cheating or otherwise doing things they might not ought to be doing.


One of the most ballyhoo'd features of iCloud is Photo Stream.  To quote Apple's website:

With iCloud, when you take a photo on one device, it automatically appears on all your other devices. No syncing. No sending. Your photos are just there. Everywhere you want them.

Every picture snapped on your iPhone or iPad are automatically streamed to every other iPhone, iPad, PC or Mac configured with the same iCloud account.  A photo taken on your iPhone at the bar at 2am will near-instantly appear on your computer at home or on the iPhone of your spouse trying to text-message you asking what you're doing.  And the best part?  You cannot delete individual photos from your iCloud Photo Stream.  

You read that right: Once you take a picture, it will automatically be added into your Photo Stream and once that happens you cannot delete it.  Every pictures is stored on the Photo Stream for 30 days, or until you take over 1000 pictures, whichever comes first.

**Update for iOS 6: You can now delete pictures from your photostream, but only on the device you are deleting it from (it stays on the other device's Photostream)

Update 2013 - iOS 7 - Now when you delete a picture from Photostream, it is deleted from all devices.  If you use iPhoto had configure it to download your images, the downloaded images will not be deleted.

The Find Friends App:

Another new feature of iOS5 is a free app called "Find Friends".  Similar to the Find My iPhone service of iCloud, Find Friends allows you to invite people to follow you wherever you go.  Once you give authorization to allow someone to follow you, they will know where you are 24/7, without any notice.   Scorned lovers across the globe may already be secretly inviting and authorizing themselves (without the knowledge of the phone-owner, if they have access to the phone) to track their cheating husband or wife and every step they take.


Smart divorce lawyers out there may already be instructing husbands and wives how to use these great new services.


My boyfriend forgot his iCloud password so he uses my login info on his phone... He's asked me if I can login my info so he can down load aps... So I myself log it in but the other day I happen to be at work and he text me that if I could send him my password because he wanted to download a music ap (I wasn't physically with him to login myself) so now he knows my password... But I think there's more behind it.. So it if he's logged in with my iCloud he can check everything in my phone from his phone???? Pictures and messages ??? Phone messages only because someone told me he can't check Facebook or other aps?

How can I have text messages sent to icloud?

on your iphone, go to Settings|Messages and enable "text Message Forwarding", then add the devices you want the txt messages forwarded to via icloud. You can only add iDevices and those devices must be setup/enabled on the same iCloud account.

Is that under send & recieve? Can I put an email address to get them too? If on icloud where on the site can you see them? I see email, photos, contacts etc but not messages.

No, it's under "text Message Forwarding".
No, you can only configure other devices to receive txt messages with configuring text message forwarding.
You cannot see text messages or iMessages on the iCloud website. You can only view them on authorized/configured iPhones, iPads or Mac computers.

I have an iphone6 and this forwarding is not listed.

I'm on an iphone 5s...No where does it say text message forwarding. ?

Does the phone have iOS 8, and are you signed-in to iCloud?

boyfriend sent me a text. Within 1 minute another text came to me from him with content not intended for me. He said he was backing up his iphone through icloud and that message accidentally was sent to me as he was already sending me the initial text. Is this possible? That "an old message" could be sent to me from during a phone synch, because he pressed send at a precise moment? It's a text he would never want me to see and said it was automatically deleted/no longer available and there was no date on it. Please advise!

Update: I asked my boyfriend for clarification. Here are his words exactly, "I was already having issues with my phone yesterday, where my home button wasn't always responding so I tried doing a system restore where on Itunes you can pick a date in the past when you backed up your iphone to the cloud and the settings from that date get pushed to your phone. As I was doing that I was also texting you and I pressed send on my text and one of the messages that came trhough in the cloud push got sent to you."
Could there be any truth to this?
Thanks so much!

There is no way that a message - any message, magically jumped from one place into a message to you.
I call pure BS ...
When was the last time you were reading a web-page and went to text someone, and the text from the web-page magically jumped into the text-message?
When was the last time you got a "push message" (a pop-up notificaiton) and the text from that message magically popped into a message you were sending to someone?
Tell him the entire internet says he is a liar based on the information currently presented.

I understand what you're saying but I'm talking about a situation where the phone was plugged into and drawing from the computer...is it not possible for a computer glitch to send the message to me since my boyfriend was already sending me a message? Also, do old texts in the icloud show date and time? I'm just getting my facts straight since I am sure he will deny everything, so I really need as much evidence as I can. Thank you!


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