iCloud: A Cheater's Nightmare



Apple released iCloud for Mac, PC and iOS5 devices this week and after only a few days, millions of users have already started using the service.  However two features of the new iCloud service could cause big problems for anyone cheating or otherwise doing things they might not ought to be doing.


One of the most ballyhoo'd features of iCloud is Photo Stream.  To quote Apple's website:

With iCloud, when you take a photo on one device, it automatically appears on all your other devices. No syncing. No sending. Your photos are just there. Everywhere you want them.

Every picture snapped on your iPhone or iPad are automatically streamed to every other iPhone, iPad, PC or Mac configured with the same iCloud account.  A photo taken on your iPhone at the bar at 2am will near-instantly appear on your computer at home or on the iPhone of your spouse trying to text-message you asking what you're doing.  And the best part?  You cannot delete individual photos from your iCloud Photo Stream.  

You read that right: Once you take a picture, it will automatically be added into your Photo Stream and once that happens you cannot delete it.  Every pictures is stored on the Photo Stream for 30 days, or until you take over 1000 pictures, whichever comes first.

**Update for iOS 6: You can now delete pictures from your photostream, but only on the device you are deleting it from (it stays on the other device's Photostream)

Update 2013 - iOS 7 - Now when you delete a picture from Photostream, it is deleted from all devices.  If you use iPhoto had configure it to download your images, the downloaded images will not be deleted.

The Find Friends App:

Another new feature of iOS5 is a free app called "Find Friends".  Similar to the Find My iPhone service of iCloud, Find Friends allows you to invite people to follow you wherever you go.  Once you give authorization to allow someone to follow you, they will know where you are 24/7, without any notice.   Scorned lovers across the globe may already be secretly inviting and authorizing themselves (without the knowledge of the phone-owner, if they have access to the phone) to track their cheating husband or wife and every step they take.


Smart divorce lawyers out there may already be instructing husbands and wives how to use these great new services.


How do you add your kids numbers so you know they are safe without them knowing

You can configure Find My iPhone on their phones. See this page: Track your iPhone ... assuming they have iPhones..

Ok my kids do have iphones but cant you just sync their number from icloud on my account and just add their number and then get their location. You know what kids are like they won't put their phones down for a minute.

You have to configure Find My iPhone on their phones. See this page: Track your iPhone

Don't get iCaught ! :)

I don't see how that's legal to not be allowed to delete your own freakin photo.

Easy - In our eager frenzy to get iCloud and/or iOS5, we all clicked the "I fully accept all consequences" button at the bottom of the 27-page Terms of Service..

You can delete ALL photos from a stream by disabling Photo Stream on all devices (meaning you need them in your hands), logging into iCloud and manually 'resetting' your Photo Stream.. But that's a pain, and who's going to remember that - and by the time you do it all, it might be too late..

There is NO WAY to delete a single picture from the photstream.

I use instant upload via google with my phone... and I'm thankful I have the option to delete individual photos... I was trying to get a cute picture of Geeklette after her bath wrapped in a towel, and she flashed the camera, I deleted it instantly from my phone only to log into Google+ a few days later to see it in my Instant Upload section... thankfully I have to manually 'share' my photos, but it was NOT one I wanted stored for any reason... so I deleted it, but I wouldn't want to remove all of my photos on it just to get rid of the one though.

Icloud only sync your photos when you connect it to a powersupply so if you delete it before you charge your phone there should be no problem. Didnt test it but if you want to know test it your self.

iCloud only does a backup when connected to a powersupply.. Photostream updates automatically whenever you are on a WiFi connection. Doesn't matter though because a few months ago iCloud has added the ability to manually remove pics from your iCloud photostream..


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