iCloud: A Cheater's Nightmare



Apple released iCloud for Mac, PC and iOS5 devices this week and after only a few days, millions of users have already started using the service.  However two features of the new iCloud service could cause big problems for anyone cheating or otherwise doing things they might not ought to be doing.


One of the most ballyhoo'd features of iCloud is Photo Stream.  To quote Apple's website:

With iCloud, when you take a photo on one device, it automatically appears on all your other devices. No syncing. No sending. Your photos are just there. Everywhere you want them.

Every picture snapped on your iPhone or iPad are automatically streamed to every other iPhone, iPad, PC or Mac configured with the same iCloud account.  A photo taken on your iPhone at the bar at 2am will near-instantly appear on your computer at home or on the iPhone of your spouse trying to text-message you asking what you're doing.  And the best part?  You cannot delete individual photos from your iCloud Photo Stream.  

You read that right: Once you take a picture, it will automatically be added into your Photo Stream and once that happens you cannot delete it.  Every pictures is stored on the Photo Stream for 30 days, or until you take over 1000 pictures, whichever comes first.

**Update for iOS 6: You can now delete pictures from your photostream, but only on the device you are deleting it from (it stays on the other device's Photostream)

Update 2013 - iOS 7 - Now when you delete a picture from Photostream, it is deleted from all devices.  If you use iPhoto had configure it to download your images, the downloaded images will not be deleted.

The Find Friends App:

Another new feature of iOS5 is a free app called "Find Friends".  Similar to the Find My iPhone service of iCloud, Find Friends allows you to invite people to follow you wherever you go.  Once you give authorization to allow someone to follow you, they will know where you are 24/7, without any notice.   Scorned lovers across the globe may already be secretly inviting and authorizing themselves (without the knowledge of the phone-owner, if they have access to the phone) to track their cheating husband or wife and every step they take.


Smart divorce lawyers out there may already be instructing husbands and wives how to use these great new services.


ok so im kind of confused... I have my husbands I cloud and apple id info but not his 4 digit passcode to his phone so how do I look at his imsgs I set his icloud up to my my phone but don't know how it works

You have to configure your iphone/ipad/Mac to use his iCloud account in your iMessage settings. Dont forget that when you do this, his phone is going to get all sorts of notifications intended to prevent exactly what you are trying to do.

I got on my ipad and my husband was logged into his icloud. I saw a message that caught my eye and when I checked our t mobile records and the number did not show up under the text message records. Why wouldnt that number he text and that they texted back from wouldnt show up?

if it did not show in your mobile provider text-message records then it was not a TXT message, it was an "iMessage". iMessages look and feel like TXT messages but go over the iCloud Data Network. Your mobile data provider only sees this as 'data', no different from viewing a web-page or watching a YouTube video.

I know my boyfriend's Apple ID and password and I logged in to his account through my iPhone after signing out of my accounts. He later texted me saying some of my contacts ended up on his phone, what other things could have ended up on his phone? how can I unsync Contacts and embarrassing photos etc from his device? would changing my Apple ID password and iCloud password take care of the issue?

I am trying to find out how to pry apart my iphone 5S from my soon to be ex-husband's shared Apple ID. I don't know how to do this in a way that I would ever be able to gain access to my photos & apps. I actually don't know what the password is for the Apple ID we are sharing. I don't want to cause for his photos to be removed from the cloud. I am afraid of the reprecussions of I separate them & he loses photos. However, he is using my phone to track everything I am doing. He can view my imessages from his desktop computer & it is hard to talk to my friends, as he can see everything I am texting. I don't know a lot abou my phone, he used to do all updates & things for me. My phone hasn't been updated in almost a year I have no idea what iOS I have. I just want to separate things but don't know how to do it. Please advise. I am so nervous we have a 15month old baby girl & he is making out life a living hell. Please help. Thank you.

There are two, easy options:
1) go get a new phone.. any phone.. does not have to be an iPhone.. Problem solved..
2) go into the iphone's settings, go into the iCloud settings, and tap everything to OFF. then go into Messaging settings and make sure iCloud is signed-out. This wont remove any of his stuff from iCloud, only from the phone - look at ALLL of the settings and make sure that ALLL of the icloud services, including the separte messaging settings are OFF or LOGGED OUT - if you don't know how your phone works (or cant read/dont take the time to read all the settings) it is possible you will miss something in which case option #1 is a safer solution. if this is a newer version of IOS you may not be able to do this without his icloud password in which case, option #1 is your only option.

Is there anyway to download my Bfs phone info to my I could without being obvious? I'm curious about his constant convos with the BM...

I have no idea what a "BM" is, and you have not told us what kind of phone he has. But assuming it's an iphone, no, there is no practical way for you to do this. Apple takes great care to protect the privacy of icloud users. You might just want to consider a new boyfriend.

My boyfriend has a history of cheating on me. I know his icloud login and password. Basically, I would like to know any way that I could possibly retrieve his deleted messages, kik messages, deleted phone calls, whatsapp messages, and so on. I am open to using any software capable of doing this, however would like to avoid anything that needs me to connect the phone to the computer and possibly anything expensive please avoid. Also, his iPhone is jailbroken, so maybe that opens up more options? Please let me know. Thank you.


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