iCloud Issues

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iCloud Issues

Somehow my girlfriend is able to see entire browsing history on our MacBook while utilizing the iCloud. She knows what websites were visited, the times they were visited, and knows if a chat room as entered and camera was used. She has even been able to somehow watch video on the camera. I don't understand how the iCloud is allowing for someone to be this intrusive.

I do notice that her iCloud account is signed in on chrome, but where is she likely looking at this browsing history from? It doesn't seem to matter if the browsing was in a private chrome or safari browser; she still sees it. Where is she viewing all this from? I don't know the password to her cloud.

Also is safari browsing history going to show to her on the cloud the same as chrome definitely does?



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Re: iCloud Issues

Icloud does not store browsing history or camera usage. It does store bookmarks and the current website you are looking at but ONLY for Safari - it does nothing in/on/for Chrome.
If her icloud account is signed into iCloud.com on Chrome, that is only to access her account on iCloud - you don't sign a Mac into icloud via the web-browser.

Either she is lying to you about what she is seeing (have YOU seen all this data she is telling you she sees?) or she is using some kind of keylogging/recording software on your Mac.

To know for sure if she is using iCloud on your make/make it stop (but it wont stop all these things you describe, since iCloud can't do any of it). On your Mac go to System Preferences|iCloud - right there on the left it will show you what account is signed in. If her account is signed-in, just click "sign out". If your iCloud account is signed in and you are still worried (remember, iCloud cant do anything you have described) you can go to appleid.apple.com and change your iCloud password - then DONT give her the new password.

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